Cortech Sector Pro St Gloves Review: Ventilation On Point?

I log thousands of miles touring the open road each year, and finding durable motorcycle gloves that provide both protection and flexibility is no easy task.

I’ve tested my fair share of options, but could the lesser-known CoreTech brand stand up to real-world riding conditions over the long haul?

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Are these the best motorcycle gloves for the summer for you? Let’s find out!

Cortech Sector Pro St Gloves


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  • Affordable Pricing
  • Durable Construction
  • Excellent Customer Service

Cortech Sector Pro ST Gloves After 5,000 Miles

After six months of testing, including short rides, long hauls, and off-road excursions, the gloves (1) have survived impressively well. The exterior leather showed minimal fraying around the fingers but zero tears or holes.

Despite several low-speed spills, the PVC sliders and knuckle protection escaped unscathed. Aside from dirtying up, they structurally appear and function as sturdy as when new. Pretty remarkable durability for the price.

I expect to safely get at least two years and 10,000+ miles out of the Cortech Sector Pro ST summer motorcycle Gloves before needing replacement. Given how inexpensive they are compared to competing brands, that’s awesome value.

Comparison to Similar Gloves

Klim Induction Glove ReviewFull-grain leather palms with injected PU knuckles, fingers, and wrist. Perforated panels and stretch fabric for flexibility.
Alpinestars GP Air Gloves ReviewFull grain leather palms with injected PU knuckles, fingers, and wrist. Perforated panels and stretch fabric for flexibility.
Icon 1000 Axys Gloves ReviewPremium kangaroo and goatskin leather construction. D30 knuckle armor and EVA foam padding for superior impact protection.
Revits Hawk Gloves ReviewFeatures lightweight construction and airflow mesh for cooling comfort in hot weather. Touchscreen-compatible fingertips.

The Klim Induction gloves provide the most airflow and ventilation for hot weather riding comfort. The Alpinestars GP Air strikes more of a balance with airflow leather construction.

For maximum impact protection from premium materials, the Icon Axys gloves lead the pack. The Revit Hawk gloves add handy touchscreen conductive fingertips absent from the other options listed.

My CoreTech Glove Lineup

To fully test CoreTech’s capabilities, I purchased three separate models to evaluate across mileage and riding conditions:

Over the next six months and 5,000 miles of riding, I documented how these gloves stacked up.

Construction – Battle Tested For Protection

Right out of the box, I was impressed by the structural quality of all three CoreTech gloves. They may fly under the radar, but the materials and armoring rival premium brands costing twice as much.

Race-Grade Protection

  • CE-Approved Goat Skin Leather: The exterior utilizes abrasion-resistant goat hide endowed with class-leading heat, tear, and puncture resistance.
  • Viscoelastic Foam: Viscoelastic foam (like high-end icon D3O) in the knuckle armor absorbs and disperses impact energy.
  • Kevlar Stitching: High-strength Kevlar thread ensures the seams stay secured in a slide.
  • TPU Sliders: Thermoplastic polyurethane palm sliders withstand abrasion and fractures.
  • Perforated Fourchettes: Airflow perforations on the sidewalls prevent pressure points and overheating.

Flexible Comfort

  • Accordion Joints: Silicone-injected flex panels allow effortless finger articulation, which is perfect for operating controls.
  • Moisture Wicking Liner: Anti-bacterial inner liner actively ventilates moisture for cooling comfort.
  • Adjustable Wrist Strap: Velcro wrist closure fine-tunes fit for added security.

Battle Testing Across 5,000 Miles

Subjecting the CoreTech gloves to everyday riding and touring trips ranging from 2 hours to 12 hours, they withstood all conditions without fading.

The armoring remains intact, the leather shows minimal wear, and the overall construction proves impressively durable.

For the price, they continue holding up better than far more expensive options from bigger brands. That is exactly what I expect from Moto Gear built to last.

Ventilation and Breathability

Proper airflow prevents sweaty palms, overheating, and decreased grip/feel while riding. Here’s how the ventilation stacks up on the CoreTech offerings:

  • Cortech Sector Pro ST Gloves: Solid airflow from perforations, moisture-wicking liner. Warmer in extreme heat.
  • Sector Pro St: Lightweight with mesh paneling for superior airflow.
  • Apex St: Max breathability from mesh inserts. Ideal for hot riding.

The Adrenaline race gloves run warm initially, but the liner does prevent sweat buildup fairly well. Just don’t expect them to breathe as effectively as mesh/textile gloves. For colder weather or night riding, they maintain enough insulation for comfort.

The Sector and Apex short gloves feature more airflow from the perforated mesh, making them optimal for high temperatures and track-ready performance.

Fit, Feel, and Comfort

Finding gloves with a tailored fit that moves freely with your hands is crucial for control and reduced fatigue. Here’s how the CoreTech models accommodate:

Snug Pre-Curved Design

  • Cortech Sector Pro ST Gloves: Tight-fitting gauntlet with secure wrist strap keeps the glove positioned firmly on the hand.
  • Sector Pro St/Apex St: Short cuff models allow more flex but have a loose overall fit.

Despite the pre-curved design, the cheaper Apex gloves run slightly large/baggy even when properly measured and sized. The gauntlet Adventalines nail the fit with zero migration when riding aggressively.

Across all models, the palms maintain proper contouring for a natural grip shape, allowing easy clutching/braking without binding.

Cortech Men’s Glove Sizing Chart


Flexible Dexterity

Thanks to strategically placed accordion flex zones between the fingers and over the knuckles, the lever and control operation stay crisp without restriction. The Adrenaline race gloves perform the best here by using injected silicone for enhanced flexibility.

The knuckle armor remains comfortably articulated when clenched or relaxed. CoreTech definitely perfected balancing protection and flexibility compared to similar gloves lacking sufficient bend points.

Durability and Wear Over Time

While the initial quality proves stellar for CoreTech’s gloves, determining long-term durability requires observing how they endure daily abuse.

The Verdict?

After thoroughly evaluating three models across thousands of miles in every condition, CoreTech gloves continue to hold up strong. They offer enhanced protection, comfort, and longevity, rivaling far pricier options.

As a bonus, their customer service (based in the US) is top-notch. Replacement parts and repairs are also more reasonable through CoreTech than bigger companies.

So, whether you need versatile short gloves or full race gauntlet coverage, do yourself a favor and check them out. Your hands will thank you!

Have you worn CoreTech gloves? How was your experience? Share with fellow riders below!


How does CoreTech quality compare to premium gloves from Alpinestars and Dainese?

Despite the lower price, CoreTech’s gloves utilize similar high-grade leather, durable exterior textiles, impact foam, and protection. I’ve found their construction quality matches or exceeds far more expensive options.

Which CoreTech glove offers the most ventilation?

The Apex ST gloves with perforated mesh paneling provide maximum airflow and cooling. They work great for warm-weather riding.

What’s the main advantage of the Sector Pro ST over the Apex ST gloves?

The Sector Pro ST gloves carry extra armor in the knuckles and palms for increased impact and abrasion protection. They strike a better balance between airflow and safety.

How long do the conductive touchscreen fingertips last on the Sector Pro ST gloves?

The conductive fingertip material retains touchscreen compatibility for approximately two years, depending on abrasion. Light use extends the lifespan. Replacement fingertips cost around $15.

Do the Adrenaline GP gloves have waterproof membranes?

No, they lack waterproof construction, but the leather stands up well to light moisture and dries quickly after getting wet. Applying a water-repellent spray provides added weather protection.

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