BILT Spirit 3 Women’s Gloves Review: Ventilation Worth Sacrificing Safety?

Finding a solid pair of riding gloves is crucial for protection. But with so many options and extreme price ranges, it can be overwhelming trying to select the right pair.

When I came across the affordable Built Spirit 3 summer gloves, I wondered if these budget gloves really provided enough quality and safety for serious motorcycle riding.

In this first-hand BILT Spirit 3 glove review, I’ll uncover whether these gloves stand up to relentless road tests and if the $35 price tag is too good to be true.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Are these the best motorcycle gloves for hot weather for you?

So, are the Spirit 3 gloves bargain or bust?

BILT Spirit 3 Women’s Gloves


Key Takeaways

  • Ideal for new riders
  • Great summer ventilation
  • Lacks extreme protections

BILT Spirit 3 Women’s Gloves for Hot Summer Rides

The Spirit 3 gloves first caught my attention for their lightweight, perforated leather construction and breathable stretch panels. With summer heat pounding down, airflow is critical to staying cool in the saddle.

Throughout testing, these gloves delivered exceptional ventilation thanks to strategic perforations and airy textiles. My hands stayed dry even on sweltering highway runs.

For those seeking a protective but breezy glove, the Spirit 3 checks both boxes while keeping costs low with an MSRP of $35. Ideal for newer riders or budget-focused motorcyclists.

Balancing Flexibility, Function & Protection

Evaluating motorcycle gloves requires analyzing a mosaic of factors affecting flexibility, functionality, and protection. Here’s how the Spirt 3 gloves stack up:

Flexibility & Comfort

  • Perforated leather & textile panels provide pliability
  • Stretch gussets ease hand entry & remove bunching
  • Sparse interior lining increases dexterity


  • Touchscreen thumb & index fingertips enable device use
  • Reflective piping and prints boost night visibility
  • Velcro wrist closure creates a secure fit

Protection & Durability

  • Hard carbon fiber knuckle armor
  • Foam-padded palm heel
  • Single-layer palm limits abrasion resistance
  • Vulnerable outer seams lack reinforcement

While the Spirt 3 gloves perform admirably in flexibility and ventilation, they sacrifice some protective qualities and sturdiness to meet the $35 price point. Riders seeking hardcore protection may need to look elsewhere.

Putting Them to the Test: My Experience

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