BILT Spirit 3 Women’s Gloves Review: Ventilation Worth Sacrificing Safety?

Finding a solid pair of riding gloves is crucial for protection. But with so many options and extreme price ranges, it can be overwhelming trying to select the right pair.

When I came across the affordable Built Spirit 3 summer gloves, I wondered if these budget gloves really provided enough quality and safety for serious motorcycle riding.

In this first-hand BILT Spirit 3 glove review, I’ll uncover whether these gloves stand up to relentless road tests and if the $35 price tag is too good to be true.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Are these the best motorcycle gloves for hot weather for you?

So, are the Spirit 3 gloves bargain or bust?

BILT Spirit 3 Women’s Gloves


Key Takeaways

BILT Spirit 3 Women’s Gloves for Hot Summer Rides

The Spirit 3 gloves first caught my attention for their lightweight, perforated leather construction and breathable stretch panels. With summer heat pounding down, airflow is critical to staying cool in the saddle.

Throughout testing, these gloves delivered exceptional ventilation thanks to strategic perforations and airy textiles. My hands stayed dry even on sweltering highway runs.

For those seeking a protective but breezy glove, the Spirit 3 checks both boxes while keeping costs low with an MSRP of $35. Ideal for newer riders or budget-focused motorcyclists.

Balancing Flexibility, Function & Protection

Evaluating motorcycle gloves requires analyzing a mosaic of factors affecting flexibility, functionality, and protection. Here’s how the Spirt 3 gloves stack up:

Flexibility & Comfort

  • Perforated leather & textile panels provide pliability
  • Stretch gussets ease hand entry & remove bunching
  • Sparse interior lining increases dexterity


  • Touchscreen thumb & index fingertips enable device use
  • Reflective piping and prints boost night visibility
  • Velcro wrist closure creates a secure fit

Protection & Durability

  • Hard carbon fiber knuckle armor
  • Foam-padded palm heel
  • Single-layer palm limits abrasion resistance
  • Vulnerable outer seams lack reinforcement

While the Spirt 3 gloves perform admirably in flexibility and ventilation, they sacrifice some protective qualities and sturdiness to meet the $35 price point. Riders seeking hardcore protection may need to look elsewhere.

Putting Them to the Test: My Experience

To fully rate these gloves, I knew I couldn’t just try them on. I needed to hammer them with serious motorcycle use. Over six weeks and 1500 miles of urban, highway, and backroad riding, I experienced the Spirt 3 gloves in all conditions.

Fit & Sizing

I typically wear a women’s size small glove, and the extra small Spirt 3 model delivered a fantastically snug fit with no tight spots or bagginess. The included sizing chart proves quite accurate if you know your hand measurements.

Ventilation & Breathability

Just as promised, the perforated leather and textile panels provide exceptional airflow to combat sweaty palms. My hands stayed cool and dry even on a demanding ride through the California desert when temperatures exceeded 100°F.

Touchscreen Functionality

With smartphone connectivity being so vital, I was pleased to find the conductive thumb and index fingertips worked flawlessly with my iPhone 12, regardless of screen protectors. The responsive pads made pulling up maps or changing music easy.

Protection & Crashes

While I managed to avoid any spills during testing, examinations of the construction led me to believe the Spirit 3 gloves provide only basic abrasion defenses.

The carbon knuckle guard and single-layer leather palm withstand glancing blows but likely won’t stop high-speed slides.


  • Exceptional ventilation & breathability
  • Touchscreen-compatible fingertips
  • Comfortable stretch materials
  • Reflective details for visibility


  • Only moderate crash protection
  • Thin single-layer palm
  • Vulnerable outer seams

The Bottom Line

For those seeking a dexterous and breezy glove with basic defenses against minor spills, the Built Spirit 3 is a home run.

While they lack hardcore impact protections, the cool comfort and low price point make them an ideal starter glove for newer riders. I’ll be continuing to wear mine throughout the summer when airflow trumps armor.

Three Gloves Compared to the BILT Spirit 3 Gloves

Revit Dirt 3 GlovesKlim Induction GloveAlpinestars SMX1 Air V2BILT Spirit 3 Gloves
Designed for hot weather off-road riding with moisture wicking liner and ventilationPremium street motorcycle glove with Kangaroo leather construction for abrasion resistanceRace-inspired glove optimized for airflow and flexibility with microfiber and spandex mixAffordable summer street riding glove with airflow focus
Designed for hot weather off-road riding with moisture-wicking liner and ventilationCarbon fiber knuckle protection, padded fingers & reinforced landing zoneSingle-layer carbon fiber knuckle protectorTriple-layer Suprotect foam knuckle protector and palm slider
Pre-curved design with stretch panels and fingertip seamsInnovative Nanotechnology treatment sheds water and resists heatPerforated gauntlet panels, elastic wrist with TPR closurePerforated leather with stretch panels for flexibility
More hardcore protection and padding for aggressive ridingIdeal blend of protection, airflow, and flexibility for performance ridingDual-density foam knuckle protector and EVA foam paddingSolid summer glove but less protective for high speeds or crashes

The BILT Spirit 3 trades off some protective padding and robust construction to meet a lower $35 price point, while the other gloves offer more armor and quality materials for aggressive riding situations.

However, the Spirit 3 prioritizes ventilation and dexterity, making them a great summer glove option for casual street use.

Rider Questions about the Built Spirit 3 Gloves

Don’t these gloves get soggy in heavy rain?

While I didn’t have a chance to test them in severely wet conditions, I anticipate moisture would saturate the perforated leather and breathable textiles quicker than a waterproof glove. For riding in consistent heavy precipitation or winter snow, a more insulated and sealed glove would be recommended.

How do these gloves fit compared to Icon and Alpinestars?

In my experience, the Spirit 3 gloves from Built fit very true to size, while Icon and Alpinestars often fit smaller. I had to size up with those other brands, while the Spirit 3 extra small was ideal in terms of the fingers and palm width. As always, using the sizing chart is advised.

Will these gloves work for track days or racing?

With their thin single-layer palm design and lack of palm slider, I cannot recommend the Spirit 3 gloves for track use. Their protections are designed primarily for street and casual off-road riding. For circuit riding or racing, I’d suggest a more rigorously armored option, even though they may sacrifice some ventilation.

Do you think these gloves would hold up in a high-speed crash?

Based on inspecting the construction, including the leather quality, seam placements, and armor, I honestly don’t believe these entry-level gloves would remain intact if subjected to a serious high-speed crash or slide.

While the carbon knuckle protector and foam padding might dissipate some initial impact, the thin leather and uncovered outer seams would likely fail quickly. To protect your hands at triple-digit speeds, consider investing in premium gloves with multiple layers and embedded armor.

And Finally…Great Bang for Your Buck Summer Gloves

Trying out new motorcycle gear is always an adventure. Getting to test ride the Built Spirit 3 gloves over 1500 miles provided tremendous insights into their ventilation, comfort, and real-world protections.

While they aren’t built to withstand extreme crashes or weather, their extraordinary airflow and low pricing make them ideal for newer street riders and frugal motorcyclists.

If blistering summer heat leaves your hands soaked on rides, do yourself a favor and pick up the Spirit 3 gloves for some affordable relief. Ride breezy, my friends!

Now, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Do you own a pair of these Built gloves? Share your experiences below!

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