Continental Road Attack 3: The Dark Horse Tire of 2023?

In this article, we will review the Continental Road Attack 3 tires, with a focus on our experience with them.

When we searched for information on these tires, we found that there wasn’t much available, and what was available was often biased toward being overly positive.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Is this the best motorcycle tire for you? Read on.

Continental’s Road Attack 3



  • TractionSkin mold
  • Harder center and softer, grippier sides
  • Design for better drainage in wet conditions

GT Variant and Sizing

The GT variant of the Road Attack Three is specifically designed for heavier motorcycles, making it suitable for Kawasaki Concours and Yamaha FJ owners.

Moreover, the tire comes in different sizes, including 17-inch and 19-inch sizes and some narrower 17s. This makes it an ideal tire for adventure bikes that are mainly used on the road.

Tire Sizing

Front TiresRear Tires

Note: This table only includes the Continental Road Attack 3 tires. There may be other sizes available elsewhere.

Note: The “Customer Rating” column shows “& Up” to indicate that there are customer ratings available for that tire size, but the actual rating value is not provided in the text.

Multi-grip Technology

Continental’s multi-grip technology sets Road Attack Three apart from its predecessor. Unlike the dual compound tire, the Road Attack 3 is a single compound tire with separate curing areas and times.

Continental changes the curing time and temperature across the face of the tire to create a gradient across the tread. This results in a smoother riding transition, even for sensitive bums.

Traction Skin Technology

Continental’s traction skin technology pre-roughens the tread of the tire, making it feel broken-in before it is even used.

This removes the need for long and tedious break-in processes, allowing riders to enjoy the full performance of the tire in just a matter of miles.

Features and Benefits

Here are some of the key features and benefits of Continental’s Road Attack Three:

Available in a GT variantSuitable for heavier motorcycles like Kawasaki concours and Yamaha FJ
Comes in different sizesPerfect for adventure bikes used mainly on the road
Multi-grip technologyOffers a smoother transition while riding
Traction skin technologyShortens the break-in period

Our Likes and Dislikes

One of the positive aspects of the Continental Road Attack 3 tires is their stability, particularly on sweeping turns.

The easy handling process, which refers to the tire’s profile, makes it easy to drop into turns, and the handling is great. Additionally, the tires have traction skins, which are roughed-up edges for improved grip.

These tires are designed to have a flatter profile than many sport-touring tires, which helps with longevity.

We have put around 3600 miles on them, and they still have plenty of meat left on them, with wear only just beginning to show at the wear bar.

The Continental Road Attack 3 tires heat up nicely and have variable curing, which means that they have a softer compound on the edges, which helps with cornering.

The handling is smooth, with a good transition from side to side. Overall, they are stable and great in warm, dry weather conditions.

Unfortunately, the Continental Road Attack 3 tires don’t perform well in cold or wet weather conditions. We have found them to be unpredictable in these conditions, leading to dangerous situations.

On one occasion, while on a sweeping turn, the rear of the bike started to slide out, despite not being on the throttle or brakes.

While the Continental Road Attack 3 tires are not terrible, they are not worth the $350 price tag. We have had better experiences with other tires, such as the Bridgestone S21, Metzeler M7 RR, Michelin Road 5, and the Dunlop Sportmax Roadsmart 2.

These tires have a more predictable rear end and perform better in cool and wet weather conditions.


Overall, the Continental Road Attack 3 tires have their positives and negatives. While they are stable on sweeping turns and have good handling, they are not suitable for all-weather riding. We hope that our review will help you make an informed decision when selecting your next set of tires.

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