Shinko 216 MX Review and Long-term Analysis

The Shinko 216 MX Cheetah Fatty Tire has grown a good reputation within the motorbiking community over the past year.

As a high-performing off-road tire, it stands out for its durability and excellent grip in various conditions.

Shinko 216 MX


Pro & Cons

  • Excellent Grip on Various Terrains
  • Prevents Pinch Flats and Provides a Smooth Ride
  • Minimal Wear Even After Intensive Usage
  • High Performance in Off-Road Conditions

Understanding the Tire’s Unique Composition

The Shinko 216 MX Cheetah Fatty Tire utilizes an exceptionally soft gummy compound, which we recorded at 51.5 durometers.

Despite initial concerns regarding the softness of this tire, we’ve discovered that it wears remarkably well.

Moreover, the grip offered by this dirt bike tire is unparalleled, particularly on wet rocks, roots, and other off-road conditions. Its performance is markedly superior to other front tires tried and tested in similar circumstances.

The Shinko 216 MX Cheetah Fatty Tire is exclusively available in a ‘fatty’ size, i.e., 90 121. This tire’s increased height and width offer additional cushioning, which is crucial when navigating rocky terrains. This dimension aids in preventing pinch flats and contributes to a smoother ride.

On-the-field Performance

We subjected the Shinko 216 MX Cheetah Fatty Tire to rigorous testing on a 2021 KTM 300 TPI, noting the exact hours and mileage for accuracy.

After approximately 54 hours and over 900 kilometers (or about 560 miles), the tire still appeared to be in good condition.

Surprisingly, despite the intensive usage, the center knob height was reduced to less than one millimeter. This is indeed impressive, given the tire’s soft nature.

The comparison between the new and 54-hour tires brought forth some interesting observations. While the braking edge did round somewhat, it remained in reasonable shape.

Shinko 216 MX

Similarly, the outer knobs showed some wear, mainly rounding at the edges, but the base was intact.

What was particularly impressive was the lack of any major tearing on the tire, a common occurrence in regular 216 MX tires after about 20 hours of usage. Hence, the Cheetah variant of the 216 MX clearly demonstrates better longevity.

The tire was put through its paces on off-road terrains, encountering everything from the hard pack and mud to roots, rocks, and even abrasive volcanic ash.

The tire held up well despite these challenging conditions, further emphasizing its durability.

Features and Benefits

Soft Gummy CompoundExcellent Grip on Various Terrains
90 121 ‘Fatty’ SizePrevents Pinch Flats and Provides Smooth Ride
Exceptional DurabilityMinimal Wear Even After Intensive Usage
Excellent TractionHigh Performance in Off-Road Conditions

Concluding Thoughts

The Shinko 216 MX Cheetah Fatty Tire excels in offering superb grip in all off-road conditions, particularly on wet and slippery surfaces like roots and rocks.

Furthermore, its longevity far surpasses expectations, making it an excellent choice for low-speed, technical rides.

However, this tire may not be the ideal choice for high-speed rides or motocross-style riding due to its ‘fatty’ size, which doesn’t lend itself to sharp, carving turns.

But if you’re an off-road enthusiast who enjoys technical riding at lower speeds, the Shinko 216 MX Cheetah Fatty Tire comes highly recommended.

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