Sedona MX907 HP After 500 Grueling Miles

Finding the perfect off-road motorcycle tire can feel like an endless quest. As an avid dirt biker, I am constantly testing out new tires to balance durability, grip, and price. In my search for the ideal dirt bike tire, I have gone through countless makes and models.

Some last only a few short miles on the rugged Utah terrain, while others surprise me with their longevity. Join me as I take you through my tire trials and tribulations in an effort to uncover the ultimate combination of affordability, traction, and mileage.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Are these the best dirt bike tires for you? Let’s find out!

Sedona MX907 HP


Key Takeaways

  • Cross-patch tread design
  • Hard-pack terrain compound
  • Siped and dimpled knobs add more bite-edges

The Short-Lived Shinko

I began my most recent tire testing adventure, eager to find a durable tire that could stand up to my aggressive riding style. My hopes were high for the Shinko 505.

Boldly, I predicted this would be the tire to surpass 500 miles while still performing well finally. Unfortunately, it was not meant to be.

The Shinko lasted a mere 200 miles before being absolutely shredded by the unforgiving rocks. I was sorely disappointed, feeling like a failure after putting such confidence in this tire. Alas, the search would continue.

A Pleasant Surprise with Sedona

After the Shinko debacle, I moved on to the Sedona MX907 HP. This dirt bike tire went on easy, unlike others that fight you tooth and nail trying to get them seated on the rim.

After just 150 miles, I could already tell this Sedona was made of tougher stuff. The knobs showed little wear, especially compared to the rapid destruction of the Shinko.

By 300 miles, small signs of wear were apparent on the knobs, but the tire was still performing admirably. I debated turning the tire around to get more life, but frankly, I was too excited to see how far I could push this thing. Could the Sedona be the first to hit the elusive 500-mile mark?

Pushing the Limits

Well, folks, you’ll be proud to know this tire took everything I threw at it and kept going. I pushed it hard through 5 miles of Hell and other menacing Moab trails.

The Sedona may have been named after the tranquil Arizona town, but it could handle terrain as hellish as any place on Earth.

After 500 grueling miles, I was thrilled to retire this tire, knowing it exceeded my expectations. The deep side knobs provided great grip, although they did round off rather quickly.

Overall, a tire that cost only $62 provided double the life of the Shinko at just $49. For only a few extra dollars, the Sedona delivered excellent durability.

The Journey Continues

While the Sedona proved itself a worthy adversary, able to conquer 500 miles of intense riding, I am always searching for the next great tire.

As I continue reviewing tires, I hope my journey helps other riders find the ideal tire for tackling the world’s toughest terrain. The quest continues, but Sedona has set the bar high.

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