IRC VX30 Tire: A Revolutionary Ride for Any Terrain

As an avid motocross rider and tire expert, I live for the thrill of testing out new rubber on the track. But no tire has grabbed my attention quite like IRC’s brand-new VX30 model.

This dirt bike tire has transformed my riding experience and opened up a whole new world of possibilities on the trail.



Key Takeaways

  • Unrivaled traction
  • Superior cornering
  • Outstanding durability

Why the VX30 is a Tire Like No Other

The VX30 was meticulously designed over multiple years to achieve the perfect balance of performance, durability, and versatility across different terrains.

IRC worked closely with top-ranked racers to ensure they developed a tire that could withstand the demands of competitive riding while still being usable by enthusiasts like you and me.

After extensive rounds of research and development, IRC landed on a revolutionary block pattern and moto compound that grips loamy dirt like nothing else.

The taller knobs dig into soft terrain while the optimized taper angle maintains constant contact on harder-packed trails.

This means you get uncompromising traction whether you’re blasting berms in the Georgia clay or railing dusty corners out west.

But it’s not just the external tread – IRC also tinkered extensively with the internal casing. The two-ply plus breaker construction strikes that critical balance between flex and stiffness.

The result? A tire that gobbles up braking bumps and acceleration chop without deflecting while still allowing you to break traction on command.

Putting the VX30 to the Test

When I first got my hands on these tires, I’ll admit I was skeptical that they could live up to the hype. Boy, was I wrong.

From the first lap around the track, I could tell these rubber compounds were unlike anything I’d thrown a leg over before.

The VX30s came alive beneath me, offering JD precision, stability, and mind-bending levels of control.

Berm after berm, the side knobs bit down and propelled me forward with authority. And the squared-off shoulder blocks made easing the rear end out an absolute breeze.

But the VX30’s not just a specialist for softer terrain. When I took it over to my local hard-pack track, the tapered knobs maintained consistent contact through rutted corners and choppy straights.

Bottom line? The VX30 is the most versatile dirt bike tire I’ve tested in 30+ years of riding. It’s balanced construction and proprietary moto compound gives you maximum performance across any track condition you’ll encounter.

And I’m not just talking short testing stints here – I’ve put hundreds of race-pace laps on these tires in locations ranging from Florida to California. Run after punishing run, the VX30 shrugs off abuse and begs for more.

Simply put, these tires have transformed the way my bike handles. The added traction, predictability, and durability have given me the confidence to finally conquer sections that used to intimidate me.

I’m shaving seconds off my lap times and hitting jumps I would never have attempted before.

Now I can’t imagine running anything else on my race bike. The IRC VX30 is hands down the best bang for your buck upgrade you can make.

5 Key Benefits of the VX30 Tire:

  1. Unrivaled traction – The VX30’s tall, tapered knobs maintain constant contact across any terrain. You get the maximum drive and braking grip for faster lap times.
  2. Tuned casing construction – IRC nailed the internal structure with a supple yet sturdy 2-ply + breaker build. You get bump compliance without instability or deflection.
  3. Superior cornering – The side lugs offer precise bite for carving berms and controlling slides. You can attack corners with confidence.
  4. Outstanding durability – IRC’s proprietary moto rubber compound withstands abuse and sheds debris. These tires keep hooking up lap after punishing lap.
  5. Versatility – Optimized for loam but still excels on intermediate terrain. The VX30 is the only tire you need for practice, racing, or riding different tracks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes is the VX30 available in?

The VX30 comes in a wide range of sizes to fit motocross and off-road bikes:

  • 8″ and 10″ front wheels
  • 18″ and 19″ rear wheels
  • Widths ranging from 100 to 120

How does the VX30 compare to the IX07 and IX09?

The VX30 replaces the IX07 (soft terrain) and IX09 (intermediate terrain) tires. It outperforms both models in any condition thanks to rubber, casing, and tread design advancements.

What style of riding is the VX30 best suited for?

The VX30 excels for GNCC, enduro, and east coast style woods racing, where loamy soil and roots demand maximum traction. But it’s versatile enough for west coast motocross too.

How long do the VX30 tires last?

In my experience, the VX30 offers outstanding durability and longevity for an aggressive MX tire. The sturdy casing and rubber compound stand up to intense riding and sheds debris well.

Do I need different tires for the front and rear?

Yes, the front and rear VX30 tires feature tuned constructions to optimize handling based on position. Always match them accordingly for the best performance.

Take Your Riding to the Next Level With the VX30

As a lifelong motocross enthusiast and tire tester, I live for that feeling when a new set of rubber transforms your bike. And without question, IRC’s new VX30 has been one of the most impressive tires I’ve ever sampled.

The meticulously engineered tread pattern and proprietary moto compound give you unmatched traction and control across varying terrain.

The balanced casing construction offers stiffness for precision handling and stability compliance.


Simply put, the VX30 provides the grip, feel, and durability to charge harder and slash lap times with total confidence.

So if you’re looking for tires that can optimize your bike’s handling and unlock faster riding, look no further than the VX30. IRC nailed it with this versatile, high-performance design.

Once you experience the astonishing grip and composure of the VX30 for yourself, you’ll never want to switch back.

This tire is an absolute game-changer. Get your set today and take your motocross skills to the next level!

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