Spidi Metromover Jacket Review: Worth the Investment for Urban Riders?

For city motorcyclists seeking a stylish, protective jacket for year-round commutes, the Spidi Metromover is a prime contender. This Italian-made textile jacket blends urban style with essential safety features to create versatile cold-weather riding gear.

But with a price tag under $300, is the Metromover a worthwhile investment, and is this the best textile motorcycle jacket for you?

This Spidi Metromover Jacket review will analyze the jacket’s key attributes to determine if it delivers value for urban riders.

Spidi Metromover Jacket Review


Key Takeaways

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Key Takeaways

  • Protective urban commuter jacket
  • Waterproof and insulating liner
  • Durable and abrasion-resistant.

A Closer Look at the Metromover’s Construction and Components

The Metromover stands out for its casual aesthetic that looks just as natural on the bike as off it. The polyester shell comes in understated colors like black, gray, and navy, with reflective piping adding visibility. A military-inspired flap pocket on the left chest exudes utilitarian styling.

Yet the Metromover’s greatest asset is what’s found inside.

Spidi integrates their H2Out waterproof, breathable membrane to keep riders dry in wet conditions. The 10,000mm water column rating indicates impressive water resistance. Ventilation is limited, but the H2Out membrane does allow some perspiration to escape.

For insulation, a removable 120g thermal liner brings lightweight warmth. Riders can remove this liner to adapt the jacket for warmer weather.

The Metromover also packs CE-approved armor (1Opens in a new tab.) to handle impacts while commuting in the concrete jungle.

Hard armor shields the shoulders and elbows, while a pocket in the back accommodates an optional Spidi Warrior back protector.

With a complete protective package, the Metromover fulfills key requirements for urban riding. Now, let’s break down its fit, features, and performance.

A Tailored Fit for Life on Two Wheels

Finding the right size is crucial with any motorcycle jacket (2Opens in a new tab.). Spidi offers the Metromover in sizes ranging from XS to 4XL for men and XS to XL for women.

Consulting the size chart is advised to select the appropriate fit. The jacket is designed to be worn close to the body without impeding movement.

For protection, secured wrist closures prevent air from entering. A Velcro neck closure and adjustable waist tabs further lock out the wind. The collar can also snap up for extra insulation.

However, the Metromover lacks stretch panels in the shoulder area. This omission may hinder mobility when riding. More flexible materials here would increase comfort.

Spidi Metromover Jacket Sizing Table


Cargo Options for Carrying Riding Essentials

Besides protection, the Metromover integrates practical features to store necessities, though pockets are not waterproof.

Two zippered outer pockets secure small items like phones, keys, and wallets. An inner pocket and stash pocket offer more organization.

The left chest pocket provides additional storage with a Velcro flap closure. It’s large enough for sunglasses, gloves, or other riding accessories.

These cargo options enable riders to keep must-have items within reach. With ample room for commuting basics, the Metromover simplifies transportation.

Design Limitations: Geared for Urban Environments

The Metromover focuses exclusively on cold and wet conditions. Ventilation is non-existent, with no air vents or perforated materials. The insulation also limits airflow.

This design caters specifically to urban commuters dealing with cooler temperatures. But for riders in warmer climates, the Metromover may prove excessively stifling once the mercury rises.

Plus, the lack of stretch panels reduces freedom of movement. Without flex zones suiting the riding position, the Metromover may feel binding.

These limitations make the jacket ill-equipped for high exertion or hotter environments. The trade-off for weather protection is ventilation and unrestricted mobility.

Key Features and Technologies of the Metromover Jacket

To further evaluate Metromover’s capabilities, let’s examine some of its stand-out components and innovations. These elements combine to improve safety, convenience, and riding experience.

Ce-rated armor for Impact Resistance

Protecting vulnerable areas like the shoulders, elbows, and the back is vital for motorcyclists. The Metromover integrates Spidi’s “Warrior Lite” CE-rated armor in the elbows and shoulders to shield riders in the event of a crash.

This lightweight, molded armor acts as an extra layer of padding. It compresses to absorb and disperse impact energy, helping prevent or reduce injuries.

The back protector pocket allows riders to insert an optional Spidi or aftermarket CE spine pad for supplemental back protection.

By integrating impact-absorbing armor in crucial zones, the Metromover provides an added defensive buffer between riders and the road.

High Visibility Reflective Piping

Being visible to surrounding motorists is crucial for urban riders, especially in low-light conditions.

The Metromover aids visibility after dark through reflective piping strategically positioned on the front, back, and sleeves.

This reflective striping reflects light back towards drivers at night. It enhances riders’ presence on busy city streets with poor lighting.

The added visibility minimizes the risk of a vehicle accidentally merging into a rider’s path in dim conditions. Reflectivity combines with the Metromover’s bright color options to maximize conspicuity.

YKK Zippers for Reliable Performance

From the main front zipper to the sleeve cuffs and pockets, the Metromover uses premium YKK zippers throughout the jacket.

This renowned Japanese brand is revered for its quality and durability. YKK zippers withstand consistent use far better than generic hardware.

Riders can trust the zipper components on the Metromover to function smoothly during the jacket’s lifetime. Unlike cheap zippers, YKK branded hardware rarely fails or breaks.

Premium branded hardware enhances the Metromover’s longevity and functionality while riding. For daily use, this reliability provides value and peace of mind.

Spidi Metromover Jacket: Urban Motorcycle Gear Worth Buying?

After dissecting this jacket’s specifications, construction, and components, does the Spidi Metromover merit its price tag? Here is a final verdict on purchasing this urban motorcycle jacket.

The Pros

  • Waterproof and insulating for wet/cool weather
  • Durable polyester shell resists abrasion
  • Streamlined, understated styling
  • CE-rated armor for impact protection
  • YKK zippers enhance longevity
  • Storage options to carry necessities

The Cons

  • No ventilation for warm