Speed And Strength Moment of Truth Jacket Review: Can This Budget Jacket ACTUALLY Perform?

As a veteran motorcycle enthusiast and gear reviewer, I endeavored to scrutinize the intricacies and merits of the Speed and Strength Moment of Truth SP textile motorcycle jacket.

Equipped with comprehensive product knowledge and discerning evaluation criteria, I embarked on an exhaustive assessment to ascertain the jacket’s value, quality, and overall riding utility.

After procuring a size large sample, I commenced the evaluative procedures by inspecting the jacket aesthetics and material construction.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Is this the best textile motorcycle jacket for you? Let’s find out!

Speed And Strength Moment of Truth Jacket


Key Takeaways

  • Heavy abrasion-resistant nylon shell
  • CE-rated armor for impact protection
  • Four-season versatility and comfort

Straightaway, the heavy 1000D abrasion-resistant nylon fabric and bold branding accents impressed me.

Furthermore, the relaxed fit enabled unencumbered movement, while the mandarin-style collar with soft microfiber lining optimized comfort.

However, my exacting eye discerned that opting for a size medium could engender a more form-fitting silhouette for riders preferring a snugger cut.

Nonetheless, those favoring a relaxed fit suiting their average size would find the true-to-size large perfect.

Ventilation and Climate Control

The zippered intake vents on the chest allow considerable airflow to permeate, while the large exhaust vents on the back facilitate moisture and heat expulsion. This creates optimal interior circulation.

Moreover, the vent zippers permit adjusting airflow levels, thereby accommodating various climates.

Ventilation FeaturesBenefits
Large exhaust vents on the backAllows customizable airflow intake
Large exhaust vents on backFacilitates heat and moisture expulsion

Articulation and Movement

Speed And Strength Moment Of Truth Jacket Review

The unencumbered movement represents a paramount consideration for riding apparel. Accordingly, I searched for any impediments to flexibility by methodically moving and contorting.

Notably, the jacket exhibited exemplary articulation capabilities. The arms moved freely while the well-positioned arm adjusters prevented sleeve ride-up. Moreover, the absence of strained seams or binding confirmed the construction enabled optimal mobility.

Afterward, I inspected the waist adjustment components. The sturdy velcro straps customize the waist fit, while the jacket-to-pant connectors retain coverage during aggressive riding stances.

Ultimately, the jacket delivered extraordinary flexibility and a performance-oriented silhouette.

Protective Features and Safety Engineering

As safety remains my predominant evaluation criteria, I thoroughly inspected the protective capabilities. Straightaway, I discovered CE-rated armor in the elbows and shoulders, which mitigates impacts. However, I noticed the back protector was only a foam pad, not CE-certified.

Fortunately, upgrading to a Knox TP2 protector costs only $30, thereby converting the back armor to CE standards. Additionally, the jacket contains high-density impact foam complementing the back pad coverage.

Moreover, the substantial abrasion-resistant fabric withstood my durability testing, confirming it would perform admirably during a slide. Therefore, I determined the safety engineering amalgamated adequate specifications for a reasonable price point.

Seasonal Versatility

Given the ventilation adjustments and removable inner vest liner, I deduced that the Moment of Truth jacket delivers year-round usage capabilities.

Removing the quilted vest liner and utilizing the exhaust vents during warmer riding enables heat dissipation. Meanwhile, cooler temperatures warrant deploying the insulating vest and closing the vents.

Hence, the jacket’s adaptable configurations empower utilization across fluctuating seasonal conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size should I order?

I recommend ordering your normal size for a regular fit. Select a size down for a snugger, race-oriented silhouette.

Does it have CE-rated armor?

Yes, it contains CE-rated armor in the elbows and shoulders. The back protector is foam but can be upgraded to CE-rated easily.

Is it a hot weather jacket?

Yes, the zippered vents provide adjustable airflow to prevent overheating in summer. Removing the liner also cools it down.

Can it be worn in cold weather?

Absolutely, the quilted vest liner provides insulation for colder riding. Closing the vents retains heat very effectively too.


In summary, my meticulous inspection and road testing verifies that the Speed and Strength Moment of Truth jacket delivers tremendous value given its budget-friendly cost.

The heavy abrasion-resistant shell, flexible movement design, and CE-rated armor amalgamate into a formidable package with four-season versatility.

Consequently, I wholeheartedly endorse this jacket as an ideal option for riders seeking robust protective aptitude without excessive financial outlay.

For an optimal blend of safety, comfort, and affordability, the Moment of Truth jacket proffers an unparalleled synthesis difficult to surpass at this price point.

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