Schott 118 Perfecto Jacket Review: Worth the Hefty Price Tag?

The Schott Perfecto 1.18 leather jacket holds an iconic place in motorcycle gear history. I gaze in awe at its asymmetrical zipper, heavy-duty naked cowhide, and classic double-breasted styling.

But with its lofty price tag, I had to ask myself – does this legendary coat still warrant the cost compared to modern jackets?

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Is this the best leather motorcycle jacket for you? Let’s find out!

Schott 118 Perfecto Jacket


Key Takeaways

Overview of the Schott Perfecto 1.18 Motorcycle Jacket

The Schott Perfecto 1.18 uses the highest grade of naked cowhide leather available. Its thickness, ranging from 1.3mm to 1.5mm, provides serious abrasion resistance.

However, unlike modern motorcycle jackets, the 1.18 lacks any armor for impact protection. It focuses purely on rugged style and construction.

The naked cowhide leather showcases the natural leather grain. Schott waxes and oils the hides to achieve a supple, matte finish right out of the box.

The hefty steerhide found on other Schott models has a stiffer feel that requires a break-in period. If you seek more wind and water resistance, those coats work better. The naked cowhide prioritizes softness and comfort instead.

Sizing and Fit

On Buzzsaw’s 6-foot-2, 215-pound frame with a 45 to 46-inch chest, a size 44 Schott Perfecto fits appropriately over a t-shirt.

This jacket runs generously to accommodate layering underneath. For a snugger fit, he could size down.

The Schott Perfecto 1.18 works best as a cold-weather leather jacket meant for fall, winter, and spring use. It would be too warm for summer riding, even with just a T-shirt on. Keep this seasonality in mind when selecting your size.

Size Recommendations

Size up if you plan to layer bulky sweaters or hoodies underneath. Size down for a slimmer profile with just a t-shirt on.

Schott Perfecto 1.18 Sizing Chart


Hardware and Features

The 1.18 Perfecto sports classic hardware that gives a nod to Schott’s long history. Silver zippers and full-grain leather zipper pulls match the original 1920s design.

The front snaps down with spring-loaded, embossed snaps proudly bearing the Schott logo. For complete wind protection, you can zip the collar fully upright.

That trademark asymmetrical zipper slants diagonally on the left side of the chest. A basic zippered pocket rests on the lower right.

The Perfecto comes with a leather belt that snaps in place. This prevents the belt from flapping at speed. Heavy-duty hardware also adorns the sleeves and epaulets.

A bi-swing gusset on the back provides flexibility for riding. Clean, minimal seams run along the sleeves but allow good mobility.

With no inner liner or armor, the 1.3mm to 1.5mm thick naked cowhide leather performs the vital task of abrasion resistance.

Interior Details

The Schott Perfecto 1.18 has a non-removable quilted lining on the inside. It adds warmth for cooler weather but remains unventilated for summer.

The lining has snap-closed pockets, as expected on a leather motorcycle jacket. Along with the three front snaps, an additional snap on the collar allows you to attach an optional fur collar sold separately. This beefs up the warmth for riding in frigid winter temps.

Pros of the Schott Perfecto 1.18 Leather Motorcycle Jacket

– Iconic styling recognized globally– No armor for impact protection
– Nearly 100 years of history and heritage– Snug fit requires sizing down
– Still made in the USA since inception– Limited ventilation makes it hot in summer
– Highest-grade naked cowhide leather– Naked leather is less wind and water-resistant
– Natural matte look and feel
– Heavy leather for abrasion resistance
– Roomy fit to allow layering

Buying Advice for the Schott Perfecto Jacket

If you seek the original, true motorcycle jacket that started it all, the Schott Perfecto 1.18 delivers. Yes, modern jackets add armor for safety and ventilation for comfort.

But they can’t match the iconic styling and premium construction of this time-honored classic.

The Perfecto 1.18 makes a sensible 3-season jacket in fall, winter, and spring. Or you may wear it as a fashionable layer year-round.

Either way, buying a Schott Perfecto means investing in a leather heirloom. With proper care, it should outlast you and turn into a family keepsake.


Does the Schott Perfecto 1.18 have armor?

No, it does not have any armor or impact protection like modern leather jackets.

How long does the Schott Perfecto jacket last?

With proper care, several decades. The heavy, naked cowhide leather holds up incredibly well over time.

Is the Schott Perfecto good for summer riding?

No, it runs too warm in the summer, even with minimal layers underneath. It’s better suited for fall, winter, and spring use.

What size should I order?

If layering thick layers, size up. If wearing over just a t-shirt, consider sizing down for a trimmer fit.

Is the Perfecto waterproof?

The naked leather needs to be treated to repel water. Steerhide versions offer more inherent weather resistance.


The Schott Perfecto 1.18 leather motorcycle jacket remains as relevant today as ever. It holds a place in popular culture matched by a few other garments.

This labor of love from the Schott family embodies American heritage and ingenuity.

For riders seeking the ultimate icon of motorcycle rebellion mixed with craftsmanship, the 1.18 Perfecto delivers. No other jacket combines functional design with legendary beginnings like this 100-year-old icon.

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