Roland Sands Paramount CE Review: Best Leather Jacket for Cafe Racers

With so many options on the market, selecting the ideal motorcycle jacket can be an overwhelming task. Finding the perfect balance between safety, comfort, and style often requires extensive research.

After a thorough evaluation, I’ve concluded that the Roland Sands Design Paramount CE jacket strikes a superb balance between form and function.

The Paramount CE delivers exceptional quality and value from its premium full-grain leather construction to its versatile thermal liner.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Is this the best leather motorcycle jacket for you? Let’s find out!

Roland Sands Paramount CE Jacket


Key Takeaways

  • Great value for the price
  • Versatile for multiple seasons
  • Premium protection and construction

An In-Depth Look at the Technical Specifications

  • Full-Grain Cowhide Leather Construction – The jacket is fabricated from high-quality, durable cowhide leather that offers unparalleled abrasion resistance. Leather construction also allows the jacket to mold to your body over time.
  • CE Level 1 Sas-Tec Armor – Sas-Tec CE level 1 shoulder and el elbow armor provides impact protection while maintaining a slim, low-profile fit.
  • Ventilation – Strategically placed ventilation zippers on the chest and sides provide cooling airflow when temperatures rise.
  • Thermal Liner – The removable thermal liner allows you to stretch this jacket into colder weather and provides easy adjustability.
  • Convenience and Storage – Two zippered hand pockets, an interior chest pocket, and a concealed carry pocket provide ample storage options.

Striking the Optimal Balance

When appraising the value of a motorcycle jacket, you must scrutinize how well it balances crucial factors like safety, comfort, and style. Cost should also be considered relative to what you receive.

The Roland Sands Paramount CE Jacket checks all the boxes. The premium full-grain cowhide leather offers exceptional abrasion resistance for a heightened level of safety, while the jacket’s relaxed fit provides day-long comfort without unduly restricting movement.

Ventilation zippers allow some airflow to penetrate the jacket, making it suitable for milder temperatures.

The thermal liner expands the jacket’s seasonal versatility, allowing riders to wear it into early spring and late fall comfortably. Although not equipped for sweltering summer heat, the Paramount finds a nice niche within the spring, fall, and mild summer months.

In addition to its performance merits, the Paramount CE brings a refined yet rugged aesthetic sensibility. Its classic styling exudes a simple, timeless elegance perfect for a range of motorcycling pursuits, from casual weekend rides to grabs at the local cafe.

When price enters the equation, the Paramount CE’s $360 MSRP stands apart. Most premium leather jackets with similar specifications run $600+, making the Paramount exceptional at this lower price point.

The Paramount CE motorcycle jacket checks all the boxes for riders seeking the ideal intersection between safety, comfort, versatility, and value.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of rider is this jacket best suited for?

With its vintage styling and relaxed fit, this jacket is optimized for cruiser and standard motorcycle riders who value a classic aesthetic. However, cafe racers and others could certainly appreciate it as well.

How long does it take to break in the jacket?

As with any leather jacket, expect at least a couple of weeks of regular wear for the jacket to mold to your body shape. The breaking-in period helps improve the jacket’s flexibility and range of motion.

Is this a hot weather jacket?

With minimal vents and perforations, this jacket is best suited for milder temperatures. While suitable for some summer riding, extreme heat will likely require switching to a more ventilated option.

Can a back protector be added?

Yes, a built-in pocket accommodates an optional back protector for extra impact protection (back protector sold separately).

How easy is it to remove and attach the thermal liner?

The thermal liner quickly and easily zips in and out of the jacket. Most riders can remove or reinsert it in under a minute.

In Summary

For riders seeking the optimal balance of style, performance, and value, the Roland Sands Design Paramount CE motorcycle jacket delivers on all fronts.

Its premium construction and timeless aesthetics provide the safety and versatility discerning motorcyclists demand. For an unbeatable price, this thoughtfully designed jacket deserves a spot in every rider’s gear closet.

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