Should You Embrace The REV’IT! Traffic H2O Jacket’s Whimsical Urban Style?

Our readers often ask us for recommendations on jackets that will keep them dry and visible while riding around the city.

If you’re looking for urban motorcycle gear that doesn’t compromise on safety, the REV’IT! The traffic H2O jacket deserves a close look.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Is this the best waterproof motorcycle jacket for you? Let’s find out!

REV’IT! Traffic H2O Jacket Review


Key Takeaways

  • Waterproof
  • Armored
  • Reflective visibility

A Technical Tour De Force

REV’IT! designed this jacket as a 3-season urban commuting solution engineered for wind and wet weather. The polyester outer shell shields the rider, while a removable Hydratex Z-liner provides waterproofing. Underneath, a fixed thermal liner adds insulation and warmth when needed.

Additional technical specs worth noting include:

  • CE-approved shoulder and elbow armor: Provides impact protection without restricting movement
  • Reflective panels/piping: Enhances visibility on the front, back, and sleeves
  • Air vents: Allows airflow to regulate temperature
  • Hand pockets: Offers storage; water-resistant but not waterproof
  • Hood: Features a cinch cord for adjustability around the neck
  • Belt loops: Allow pairing with riding pants

With a formidable list of weatherproofing, insulation, safety, and convenience features, the Traffic H2O jacket seems ready for urban adventures. Next, let’s break down how the fit and sizing stack up.

Dialed-In Dimensions

Finding the right fit is crucial for all-weather riding jackets to deliver protection and comfort. Here’s a closer look at how the Traffic H2O is designed:

  • Relaxed fit: Allows layering underneath the jacket
  • Pre-curved sleeves: Reduce arm fatigue while riding
  • No waist adjusters: Lacks cinch cords or velcro at the hem
  • Shorter cut: Ideal for upright urban riding position
  • Athletic sizing: Runs smaller than normal REV’IT! jackets

The relaxed fit provides flexibility for layering but can billow in the wind at higher speeds. The fixed sleeves may not accommodate larger biceps. Confirm your measurements against REV’IT!’s size chart and order a size down.

While the Traffic H2O offers a dialed-in urban cut, it sacrifices some features needed for aggressive riding. The shorter length and lack of waist adjusters limit its off-road versatility. However, for regular street and commuter use, the dimensions hit the styling sweet spot.

Sizing Chart


Waterproof And Insulated: A Climate-Ready Design

When it comes to all-season riding versatility, protection from wind and wet weather is mandatory. With its combination of waterproof and insulating liners, the Traffic H2O jacket is ready to take on whatever the skies unleash.

Battling The Elements With Hydratex Z-Liner

The proprietary Hydratex Z-liner is where this jacket gets its waterproofing superpowers. This extra layer bonded to the inner shell uses REV’IT!’s patented Hydratex membrane to create a waterproof and breathable barrier.

Humidity and sweat can’t penetrate from inside, while external rainfall beads up and rolls off. Fully taped seams enhance the waterproofing for an impenetrable defense against getting drenched.

Insulated With Fixed Thermal Lining

While the Hydratex Z-liner blocks wind and water, the fixed thermal liner adds insulation to lock in warmth. This lightweight layer helps the jacket adapt to cooler weather and provides an extra buffer against chilly winds.

The soft, breathable fleece lining adds welcome coziness when temperatures drop. However, the fixed design means you can’t remove the liner to customize ventilation.

Overall, the Climate Control System combines the best of both worlds for urban commuting across the seasons.

Subtle Safety Upgrades

While probably not as robust as a hardcore racing jacket, the Traffic H2O integrates several rider protection features. These subtle safety upgrades make a big impact in boosting visibility and impact protection.

CE-Approved Armor For Lightweight Protection

No one expects the worst when they set out for a routine ride, but accidents happen. The Traffic H2O jacket incorporates armor at the elbows and shoulders to mitigate injuries in the case of a crash.

The CE-approved Level 1 armor shields these vulnerable impact zones from harm without restricting movement or comfort. Low-profile padding allows a flexible range of motion while riding.

The lack of back armor or chest plates helps minimize bulk and weight. However, for maximum protection, an optional back insert can be added. Overall, the strategic armor placements provide lightweight, unobtrusive impact dissipation.

Reflective Strips And Piping For Enhanced Visibility

When riding in urban stop-and-go traffic, the ability to be seen can prove lifesaving. The Traffic H2O jacket incorporates reflective details to shine bright when illuminated by headlights, street lamps, and car lights.

The reflective stripes and piping on the front, back, sleeves, and elbows significantly boost after-dark visibility. This added reflectivity lets you ride with confidence, knowing drivers can detect your presence.

Together with the armor, these reflective touches reinforce the Traffic H2O’s safety-minded design. While subtle, they meaningfully improve visibility and protection on daily commutes.

How Does The Traffic H2O Jacket Compare?

The Traffic H2O enters a competitive field of urban motorcycle jackets, promising weather protection, versatility, and style. How does it stack up against its closest contenders? Let’s pit it head-to-head with two popular alternatives.

Vs. Alpinestars Oscar Monty Jacket

The Oscar Monty jacket from Alpinestars offers a similar relaxed fit and protection. However, it lacks a thermal liner but offers more ventilation.

It wins on storage with its waterproof cargo pockets. Meanwhile, the Traffic H2O counters with superior waterproofing technology and more insulation. For all-weather riding, the Traffic H2O gains the edge.

Vs. Joe Rocket Phoenix Ion Jacket

Joe Rocket’s Phoenix Ion jacket provides comparable lightweight armor in a trimmer fit. It counters the Traffic H2O’s Hydratex membrane with the Rock Tex waterproof liner.

But with fewer vents and no thermal liner, the Traffic H2O prevails in insulation and breathability. For urban adventurers, the REV’IT! once again emerges as the 4-season favorite.

While not revolutionary, the Traffic H2O jacket competes with and often surpasses rival offerings. By blending protection, climate control, and visibility, REV’IT! Delivers a versatile year-round commuting jacket.

Key Takeaways: An Urban Armor Must-Have

To recap, here are the key takeaways that position the REV’IT! Traffic H2O jacket as a prime urban commuting upgrade:

All-weather ready – With its waterproof and insulating liners, it stands up to wind and wet weather.
Lightweight protection – Strategic CE-approved armor shields without restricting movement.
Maximum visibility – Reflective accents enhance conspicuity in low-light conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before deciding if the Traffic H2O is your next jacket, let’s answer some common questions riders have:

Is this jacket completely waterproof?

Yes, the Hydratex Z-liner and fully taped seams provide guaranteed waterproofing in wet conditions. Avoid submerging the exterior pockets in heavy rainfall.

Does the jacket include a back protector?

No, a back protector is not included but can be purchased separately and installed via the interior pocket. Check the size chart for compatibility.

Is the thermal liner removable?

Unfortunately, no. The thermal fleece liner is fixed to help retain body heat better but cannot be taken out when warmer.

What is the sizing like?

The jacket runs smaller than regular REV’IT! Jackets. Size down from your normal measurements for the proper, relaxed urban fit.

Can the hood be removed?

No, the hood is not detachable. Cinch cords allow tightening it around your helmet, but it remains fixed.

Conquer The Concrete Jungle

For riders looking for a versatile urban commuting jacket, the REV’IT! Traffic H2O ticks all the boxes. Its technical features provide lasting dryness, warmth, and protection mile after mile. Smart safety upgrades add vital visibility and impact resistance so you can rule the road.

While the casual styling reads subtle, the jacket’s engineering chops shine through. By blending moto-grade weatherproofing and armor with urban-inspired aesthetics, REV’IT! Empower your daily commute regardless of what Mother Nature has in store.

The Traffic H2O jacket proves today’s urban riders can have it all: sophistication, performance, and safety in one durable go-to package. If you’re ready to ride through the concrete jungle in confidence and comfort, this jacket unlocks that adventurous freedom.

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