Rev’It! Poseidon 3 GTX Jacket Review: Worth Its Premium Price Tag?

I recently upgraded my motorcycle touring gear and bought the new Rev’it Poseidon 3 jacket and pants. I wanted to test how waterproof they were and the versatility of this Gore-Tex kit before my upcoming motorcycle tour through Europe.

In this article, I share my experience riding for over 2 hours in torrential rain to see if the Rev’it Poseidon 3 lived up to its promises.

I evaluate how it performed in wet conditions and assess the adjustability, ventilation, and sizing. But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Is this the best gore-tex motorcycle jacket?

Rev’It! Poseidon 3 GTX Jacket


Key Takeaways

  • 100% waterproof in rain
  • Highly adjustable for fit
  • Durable for touring adventures

Why I Upgraded My Touring Kit

I used to have a different set of motorcycle touring gear with a Gore-Tex liner. While it kept me dry, the outer layer would get soaked in heavy rain.

On a trip back from Scotland in cold, pouring rain, my old jacket and pants got progressively wetter and heavier. By the time I reached my destination, I was freezing cold even though I was technically “dry” inside.

This experience made me realize I needed better waterproof motorcycle gear for touring. I wanted a laminated jacket and pants so water wouldn’t saturate the outer shell.

Key Features I Was Looking For

  • 100% waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex laminate construction
  • Durable and abrasion-resistant outer shell
  • Adjustable for optimized fit
  • Good ventilation for warmer weather
  • Suitable for long-distance touring

After researching different options, I decided to buy the Rev’it Poseidon 3 jacket and pants.

Test Ride Overview

To test the Rev’it Poseidon 3, I rode for over 2 hours in heavy rain across the Peak District and North West England.

My route took me:

  • Over the Snake Pass in the Peak District
  • Along the M56 motorway
  • To the Wirral on the west coast

This gave me a mix of twisting mountain roads, steady highway speeds, and torrential downpours. Perfect for a thorough test!

I wore the jacket and pants without the extra thermal liners to evaluate their performance in wet and mildly cool conditions.

Initial Impressions of the Rev’it Poseidon 3

Before setting off, I wanted to share some initial thoughts about the Rev’it Poseidon 3 jacket and pants.

Jacket Features

  • Two large chest vents
  • Two large thigh vents
  • Lots of adjustment straps and zippers
  • Removable CE-approved armor
  • Neoprene collar to keep water out
  • Waterproof YKK zippers

Pants Features

  • Stretch panels on knees and seat
  • Two large thigh vents
  • Adjustable and removable CE knee protectors
  • Connector zipper for attaching to jacket

Overall, I was impressed by the quality and attention to detail. The jacket and pants also have a nice touring cut without looking bulky.

Time to hit the road!

The Rain Descends: Testing Waterproofness

Shortly after setting off, the skies opened up, and it started pouring rain. This was a great opportunity to test the waterproof claims of the Poseidon 3 kit.

The Gore-Tex outer shell immediately started beading water as expected. I remained completely dry inside despite the heavy rainfall.

Not a single drop made it through, even during a particularly intense downpour. The Rev’it Poseidon 3 passed the waterproof test with flying colors!

After an hour of riding in torrential rain:

I feel completely dry inside and don’t think the jacket has soaked up any water. So far, so good!

Staying Warm in Cool, Wet Conditions

With autumn temperatures and no thermal liner, I did start to feel chilly after the first hour of riding in the rain.

The waterproofing kept me dry, but the jacket and pants themselves didn’t provide much insulation. You’d want to add the thermal liner for colder or winter riding.

That said, I was still reasonably comfortable and never felt cold enough to need to stop.

Tip for Cool, Wet Rides

Wear a high-wicking or wool base layer under the Poseidon 3 kit to retain warmth when riding without the insulated liner.

Ventilation and Breathability

One concern with waterproof motorcycle gear is poor ventilation, leading to an uncomfortable sauna effect.

I was pleasantly surprised by how well-ventilated the Poseidon 3 jacket and pants were, even with the waterproof membrane.

With the vents open, air flowed freely through the jacket. It felt similar to wearing a well-vented textile jacket.

Despite the Gore-Tex laminate construction, moisture build-up inside was minimal. My base layers stayed relatively dry.

Freedom of Movement and Comfort

The Poseidon 3 jacket and pants provide a comfortable, tailored fit without restricting movement.

Key comfort features:

  • Elastic panels and stretch fabric
  • Pre-curved sleeves
  • Adjustable waist, cuffs, and ankle openings
  • Removable CE-approved armor

Venting on the chest, thighs, and knees prevented heat build-up.

The pants were comfortable in both the riding position and walking around off the bike. Definitely suitable for long-distance touring.

Durability and Abrasion Resistance

The outer shell is constructed from extremely durable 500D polyester fabric. It’s much more abrasion-resistant than regular textile motorcycle gear.

Rev’it reinforced high-impact areas with SuperFabric panels for added protection:

  • Shoulders
  • Elbows
  • Knees

Seamlessly bonded Gore-Tex laminate won’t wear away from abrasion over time.

This kit provides better abrasion resistance than standard textile touring gear and should withstand years of motorcycle trips.

Sizing and Adjustments

Having a precise, customized fit makes a big difference in comfort and protection.

The Poseidon 3 is highly adjustable, using straps, zippers, Velcro pads, and armor pockets.

Jacket Sizing and Adjustments

  • Available in sizes S-4XL
  • Can cinch waist, sleeves, and collar
  • Adjustable bicep width
  • Adjustable elbow armor pockets
  • Chest straps to alter silhouette

I’m normally a 42″ chest, and the large jacket fits me perfectly.

Pants Sizing and Adjustments

  • Available in short and long lengths
  • Adjustable waist with belt loops
  • Adjustable calf width
  • Adjustable knee armor pockets
  • Short (5’7″ and under), Regular (5’8″-6’1″), and Long (6’2″+) lengths

The adjustability provides a tailored fit. I’m 5’10”, and the regular-length pants fit me well.

REV’IT! Men’s Textile Jacket Sizing


Waterproof Zippers and Storm Flaps

All exterior zippers on the Poseidon 3 jacket and pants are waterproof YKK zippers.

The jacket also has an interior storm flap behind the main zipper for an extra barrier against water ingress.

After riding for hours in heavy rain, not a single drop made it past the waterproof zippers and storm flap. They work exceptionally well at keeping the elements out.

Final Verdict After 2+ Hours of Rain Riding

After the soaking wet ride was over, I carefully inspected the inside of the jacket and pants for damp spots. To my relief, the inside was perfectly dry!

The Rev’it Poseidon 3 passed the waterproof test with flying colors. My base layers were dry despite hours of riding in torrential rainfall.

Equally importantly, the jacket and pants’ outer shells remained relatively dry. They didn’t gain significant weight by soaking up water like my old jacket.

Key Takeaways:

  • 100% waterproof in extremely heavy rain
  • Gore-Tex laminate construction keeps water out while allowing vapor to escape
  • Durable 500D polyester outer resists soaking up moisture
  • Remained comfortable even when wet
  • Excellent abrasion resistance for touring

The Rev’it Poseidon 3 GTX kit offers versatile 3-season protection for motorcycle touring. It will keep you dry in any rainstorm while still being breathable on warm, sunny rides.

I’m thrilled to have the gear I can rely on for my upcoming Europe tour. The Poseidon 3 jacket and pants will be put to the test across thousands of miles this summer!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Poseidon 3 come with armor?

Yes, CE-approved armor is included for the elbows, shoulders, knees, and hips. The armor is removable so you can upgrade or replace it.

Is the Gore-Tex permanently attached?

The Gore-Tex membrane is laminated and permanently bonded to the jacket and pants’ outer shell. It won’t peel or wear off over time.

How easy is it to attach the pants to the jacket?

A 360° zipper attaches the jacket and pants together, preventing riding up and maximizing protection.

Are there different liner options?

Separate rain, thermal, and hydration liners are available for added comfort in different conditions.

Does Rev’it offer tall or short sizes?

The pants come in short, regular, and long lengths. The jacket has adjusted sleeve and torso lengths.


The Rev’it Poseidon 3 kit offers unmatched quality, protection, and versatility for three-season touring in varying conditions.

I’m confident trusting these jackets and pants on my upcoming Europe tour thanks to their:

While testing in torrential rain, the Rev’it Poseidon 3 kept me completely dry for hours. This kit will serve me well across thousands of miles in all weather conditions.

I highly recommend the Rev’it Poseidon 3 jacket and pants for motorcyclists seeking premium touring gear. It’s built to last years of adventure riding, providing comfort and customizable protection.

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2 thoughts on “Rev’It! Poseidon 3 GTX Jacket Review: Worth Its Premium Price Tag?

  1. Well the zipper connecting the pants and jacket is actually very hard to use when both are worn. I have to remove the jacket off of my right shoulder (so only wearing it on my left shoulder) to be able to get the first 5 teeth going on the big zipper. You have to use 2 hands to use the zipper. If they only would have made it more rigged or an inch more to the front or to the back then i would have been able to get it done while wearing the jacket normally. It is a shame, because the rest is pretty good.

    1. A zipper that requires removing part of the jacket to operate does sound inconvenient. Your suggestion to make the zipper more rigid or adjust its placement is a good one. Improving the functionality would make putting on and taking off the set much easier.

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