Revit Mile Jacket Review – Old School Cool or Outdated Style?

The Revit Mile leather motorcycle jacket radiates a vintage 70s rebel biker vibe. But does this old-school jacket have what it takes for today’s urban rider? Let’s delve deeper to see if the Mile can satisfy your need for speed while keeping you safe on the streets.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Is this the best leather motorcycle jacket for you? Let’s find out!

Revit Mile Jacket Review


Key Takeaways

  • Vintage rebel style
  • Rider protection focus
  • Flexible fitted comfort

Made primarily of cowhide leather, the Mile unites durability and flexibility for superb riding movement. Strategic use of stretch fabrics boosts comfort in key areas. This Revit original blends five materials to craft a retro riding jacket that performs.

Reviving the Rebel Spirit

Picture a lone biker cruising down an open highway, the wind in their hair as they embrace freedom. The Revit Mile motorcycle jacket will transport you back to the 70s glory days of bikes and brotherhood.

Its vintage design ethos shines through in the distressed leather and moto jacket silhouette. A subtle red stripe on the left chest and arm adds a pop of color. Even old-school snaps along the collar complete the retro bad-boy aesthetic.

Despite the vintage styling, the Revit Mile has modern rider-focused features. Its durability and protection help bring out your inner outlaw without sacrificing safety.

A Jacket Tailored to the Urban Jungle

According to the product description, Revit designed the Mile specifically for navigating the urban jungle. The jacket provides versatility for city riding’s stop-and-go nature.

The Mell is part of Revit’s Heritage collection of vintage-inspired moto gear. While it channels a throwback rebel spirit, innovative materials, and technology underpin this modern jacket.

Let’s explore how the Revit Mile’s construction empowers your inner biker to rule the streets in comfort and style.

A Material Masterpiece: 5 Fabrics Unite

A true master craftsman selects the perfect medium for their materials. The Revit Mile artfully blends 5 fabrics to balance protection, visibility, and flexibility.

  • Cowhide Leather comprises the main body and sleeves. It offers abrasion resistance with pliable comfort.
  • PWR Shell Stretch lines the inner arms and armpits to allow free movement.
  • Nubuck Leather adds stylish contrast on the chest and back strips.
  • Reflective Material runs vertically down the back for enhanced visibility.
  • Neoprene around the collar protects against wind gusts.

This thoughtful combination provides both form and function. The leather offers durability and that coveted biker jacket look. Meanwhile, stretch fabrics allow a full range of motion when riding.

Armored for Urban Warfare

The concrete jungle can be unforgiving. While the Revit Mile channels a retro look, it’s armed with protective features to handle real-world risks.

The jacket comes equipped with Level 1 CE-approved SEESMART protectors on the elbows and shoulders. These soft pads absorb impact while maintaining flexibility.

There’s also a pocket to add an optional SEESOFT back protector for full coverage. Armoring yourself doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your rogue style.

A Secure and Sleek Fit

No biker wants a bulky jacket restricting their movement. The Revit Mile incorporates several adjustments for a body-hugging yet flexible fit:

  • Waist adjustment tabs to customize the fit
  • 3D mesh ventilation panel behind zipper for airflow
  • Wind-stopping gasket along the zipper to seal out gusts
  • Thermal full-sleeve liner for added warmth

These considered design choices enhance comfort on the road. The streamlined silhouette also flatters your figure while riding.

The Verdict: A Rebel-Rousing Jacket

The Revit Mile fuses old-school swag with new school safety. Beyond its eye-catching style, the jacket prioritizes real-world performance.


  • Vintage 70s moto design stands out
  • Durable yet flexible construction
  • Protective armoring included
  • Wind and ventilation controls
  • Comfort-focused adjustment options


  • Only two color choices
  • Back protector sold separately
  • Limited sizing range

So, can the Revit Mile unleash your inner rebel biker? If you long for the look and feel of a vintage leather motorcycle jacket but demand modern protection, then absolutely.

While the sizing is restricted, the Mile flatters while protecting. Its nostalgic styling turns heads as you tear up the town. Stand out from the crowd and ride with an outlaw attitude in the Revit Mile.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Mile jacket made of?

The Revit Mile uses a total of 5 fabrics, including cowhide leather, stretch synthetics, nubuck leather, reflective material, and neoprene. This blend boosts durability, flexibility, visibility, and protection.

Does the jacket include a back protector?

No, the Level 1 CE-rated back protector must be purchased separately. But the jacket is prepped with a pocket to add it with ease.

What colors does the Mile jacket come in?

Currently, it’s only available in solid black or a red & black combo. Both choices provide that classic biker look.

What is the fit like?

With adjustment tabs and a streamlined silhouette, the Revit Mile provides a flexible yet tailored fit. Sizing does run a bit restricted, though, from 46-58.

Is the Mile jacket waterproof?

The leather construction provides abrasion and impact resistance but will absorb water over time when riding in the rain.

In Closing

The Revit Mile fuses 1970s rebel style with innovative rider features. Its vintage moto aesthetics turn heads while its armoring and adjustments provide on-road performance.

The Mile is a fantastic choice if you seek heritage-inspired looks with modern protections. Just be aware of the limited sizing. Ultimately, this jacket empowers your inner biker to hit the road in comfort and confidence.

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