Rev’It! Levante 2 H2o Jacket Review: Myth or Must-Have?

I recently had the opportunity to test-ride the REV’IT! The Levante jacket is a versatile 3-season mesh motorcycle jacket with a removable waterproof liner.

I was looking for a jacket that could cool airflow on hot summer rides and keep me dry and warm during spring and fall rains.

I wanted to see if this jacket could truly span three seasons and provide protection across a wide range of riding conditions.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Is this the best motorcycle jacket for the summer for you? Let’s find out!

Rev’It! Levante 2 H2o Jacket


Key Takeaways

  • Versatile 3-season jacket
  • Quality construction and features
  • Excellent ventilation & waterproofing

Initial Impressions of the REV’IT! Levante

My first impressions when taking the Levante out of the box were very positive. The construction quality appeared high-end, with solid seam stitching and durable YKK zippers.

The polyester outer shell felt thick and abrasion-resistant while still being pliable. Large mesh vents on the front, back, and sleeves promised good airflow.

The thermal liner zipped out easily and looked like it would provide decent warmth. The waterproof inner membrane seemed effective yet breathable.

The armor was correctly placed and felt supple, not overly bulky. Adjustment straps allowed for customizing the fit.

Overall, the Levante made an excellent first impression with its versatility, protection, and quality.

Sizing and Fit

Find the perfect fit for your adventures with the REV’IT! Levante 2 H2O Jacket’s size options range from 2XL to 3XL.

Whether you have a chest measurement of 45.3-47.2 inches or 47.6-49.6 inches or a waist measurement of 40.6-42.9 inches or 43.3-45.7 inches, there is a size available to suit you.

The sizing information provided by the manufacturer ensures accuracy in finding the right fit. Measuring your chest and waist is important to ensure the jacket fits properly.

The Levante 2 H2O Jacket is designed to provide comfort and protection during your rides, and the right size will help achieve this.

So, make sure to measure yourself correctly and choose the size that best suits you for a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience.


Putting the REV’IT! Levante to the Test

To thoroughly test this jacket, I wore it while riding in a variety of conditions over several weeks. Here are some of my experiences:

Hot Summer Riding

On 85°F sunny days, I rode with the liner removed. The mesh panels flowed massive amounts of air—as much as any summer mesh jacket I’ve worn.

The jacket’s moisture-wicking inner lining kept me dry even when sweaty. The mesh performed extremely well in hot weather.

Cool Spring Days

When temperatures dropped to around 60°F, I wore the quilted thermal liner zipped in. It provided decent warmth to keep me comfortable, although I felt it could be slightly thicker for colder weather. The jacket blocked wind effectively and was cozy even at highway speeds.

Rainy Rides

In pouring rain, the waterproof membrane in the liner kept my core completely dry. I did get some moisture saturation through the outer shell in heavy downpours, but the inside remained dry. Overall, the Levante kept me dry for wet rides.

Nighttime Visibility

The reflective stripes on the shoulders and back helped improve visibility at night or in low light. The silver version would provide even greater nighttime visibility.

Protection and Armor

The CE-approved shoulder and elbow armor stayed put and didn’t restrict movement. The abrasion-resistant outer shell gave me confidence in the jacket’s durability.

My one complaint is that the back padding was too thin—I’d recommend inserting a better back protector.

Key Features and Benefits of the REV’IT! Levante

Here are some of the standout features I found most useful on the REV’IT! Levante jacket:

  • Mesh ventilation panels – Provided excellent airflow to keep me cool on hot rides.
  • Zip-out thermal quilted liner – Added good warmth for cooler weather without overheating.
  • Waterproof/windproof liner membrane – Kept me dry in rain showers; blocks wind chill.
  • Abrasion-resistant polyester shell – Felt sturdy and protected against scrapes.
  • CE-approved Knox armorLightweight and flexible while still offering impact protection.
  • Reflective accents – Boosted nighttime visibility for safety.
  • Adjustment straps – Allowed customizing the fit as needed.


Is it actually a true 3-season jacket?

Yes, the Levante works well across a wide temperature range thanks to its mesh and removable liner.

How is the sizing and fit?

I found it fits true to size. The adjustment straps let you refine the fit.

Does the liner make the jacket bulky?**

The liner adds some bulk, but I didn’t find it overly baggy. Still maintained a nice silhouette.

How comfortable is it?

Very comfortable, even on long rides. The collar liner prevents chafing, and the jacket moves well.

Is it waterproof in heavy rain?

The liner keeps your inner layers dry, but the outer shell wets through. A rain jacket on top is recommended.

Final Verdict: A Versatile, High-Performing 3-Season Jacket

After testing the REV’IT! Levante jacket in various warm and cold, wet and dry conditions. I’m impressed with how it performed.

This is an excellent 3-season jacket that provides versatility, protection, and comfort across a wide range of riding scenarios.

The ventilation and waterproofing work great; the build quality is top-notch and includes useful features like reflection and armor.

I highly recommend the REV’IT! Levante jacket to any rider looking for a high-quality, do-it-all mesh motorcycle jacket. It has quickly become my go-to for the majority of my rides.

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