Knox Honister Jacket Review: Tested In 95° Heat, What Happened?

I recently had the chance to test out the Knox Hollister motorcycle jacket to see how it performed in real-world riding conditions.

I was intrigued by Knox’s claims that this jacket can provide robust protection on its own while also allowing you to layer additional weather protection on top when needed.

In this Knox Honister Jacket review, I’ll share my experiences wearing the Hollister jacket, evaluating its comfort, airflow, safety features, and versatility as a 3-season riding jacket.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Is this the best motorcycle jacket for all seasons for you?

Whether you’re considering the Hollister or want to learn more about the latest motorcycle jackets, read on for my full test results.

Knox Honister Jacket


Key Takeaways

  • Breezy yet protective summer jacket
  • Innovative features like pant loops
  • Snug tailored fit needs sizing caution

Why I Tested the Knox Hollister Jacket

As an avid motorcycle rider, I’m always researching new gear to upgrade my riding protection and comfort. I came across the Knox Hollister jacket and was immediately intrigued by its unique approach.

Here’s why I was excited to test out this jacket:

  • It’s designed as a lightweight, breezy mesh jacket for summer riding but still meets its highest AAA safety rating. Most warm-weather jackets sacrifice protection for airflow.
  • The Hollister is meant to be a versatile 3-season option. You can add extra Knox layers for colder weather while keeping the same safety level.
  • I liked the close, tailored fit and innovative touches like the jacket-to-pants loops and thumb loops.
  • Knox has a reputation for high-end, innovative motorcycle gear. I wanted to see if the Hollister lived up to expectations.

In this review, I’ll share my experiences testing out the Knox Hollister jacket’s airflow, comfort, protection, and versatility over several weeks of riding. Read on to see my full evaluation.

Key Specs of the Knox Hollister Jacket

Before getting into my review, let’s look at some key specs and features of the Knox Hollister:

  • Outer Shell Materials: DuPont stretch Cordura fabric and lightweight, open-weave mesh
  • Armor: CE level 2 shoulder and elbow pads. CE level 2 back protector. Chest armor is sold separately.
  • Safety Rating: AAA – Highest rating from CE/EN13595 safety standards
  • Waterproofing: None included; designed for layering extra waterproof layers
  • Other Features: Jacket-to-pants loops, thumb loops, zipper flaps, YKK zippers
  • Sizes: S-5XL
  • Price: $379.99

A Close-Fitting Mesh Jacket Designed for Protection

The Hollister jacket uses an outer shell constructed from a mix of abrasion-resistant DuPont stretch Cordura fabric and lightweight, open-weave mesh materials.

The mesh makes up large portions of the front torso, insides of the arms, and upper back. This aims to provide maximum airflow while riding in warm weather.

The stretch Cordura reinforcements are strategically placed in high abrasion zones for safety. This includes the shoulders, elbows, lower arms, and back.

Despite being a warm weather jacket, the Hollister meets the highest-level AAA safety rating from CE/EN13595 standards. This is impressive, considering the amount of airflow mesh.

To achieve AAA safety, all layers must withstand abrasion testing, even low-risk areas. Most summer jackets only meet the Single A rating.

In addition to abrasion protection, the Hollister comes equipped with Level 2 armor in the elbows, shoulders, and back. There is also an optional chest protector sold separately.

A Super Close, Tailored Fit

One thing that stood out immediately is the Hollister has a very close, tailored fit.

There is minimal room between the jacket and your body – it really hugs you.

This is intentional to keep the armor as close as possible to maximize protection. The feeling is similar to a tucked-in leather racing suit.

The outer shell uses high-stretch fabrics that add comfort without compromising safety.

For me, it felt snug but not restrictive when riding. The tailored fit gave it a very reassuring, protective feel.

Innovative Touches for Comfort and Convenience

Beyond the safety features, the Hollister also has some useful innovations for convenience:

  • Jacket-to-Pants Loops: The bottom of the jacket has loops that connect to your belt. This prevents the jacket from riding up.
  • Thumb Loops: Thumb loops keep the sleeves pulled down and prevent air gaps. Surprisingly, they didn’t irritate my hands.
  • Zipper Flaps: Flaps behind the main zipper and pocket zippers prevent scratches and stop them from flapping.
  • YKK Zippers: All zippers use durable, high-quality YKK components.

These little touches combine to make the Hollister a very well-designed jacket.

My Experience Wearing the Knox Hollister Jacket

Over several weeks of testing, I wore the Knox Hollister jacket on at least 7-8 rides, totaling 100-200 miles.

Conditions were moderately cool – perfect for evaluating airflow. Here are my experiences and impressions from testing out this jacket:

Airflow and Cooling Performance

The Hollister jacket provides excellent airflow in warm riding conditions. The mesh sections allow noticeable cooling breezes to flow through the jacket.

I never felt excessively warm, even when sitting at stop lights in direct sun. The jacket performed well at dissipating heat build-up.

The open weave mesh really works as advertised to create a breezy, well-ventilated feel.

Comfort and Fit

I found the Hollister surprisingly comfortable, even with the tight fit. I wore it for multi-hour rides without any issues.

The stretch fabrics provide enough give that you can move freely while riding. It avoids that restrictive feel of some race suits.

One downside of the snug fit is that it can feel sticky in hot 80°F+ conditions with no air flowing through the jacket.

But in general, the Hollister provides a comfortable balance of protection and airflow for summer riding.

Protection and Safety

The Hollister jacket instills confidence that you have robust protection on your upper body when riding.

The AAA-rated abrasion protection, all-over mesh armor, and tailored fit make it feel reassuringly safe for summer conditions.

The thick CE Level 2 back protector is also substantial enough to cover and safeguard your spine in a slide.

Overall, the jacket provides impressive impact and abrasion protection for warm-weather riding while remaining light and breathable.

Versatility and Layering

One of the Hollister’s goals is to provide 3-season versatility. It aims to be a protective inner jacket you can layer with for cold and wet conditions.

It does work well as a standalone summer jacket. However, wearing it with layers requires some adjustment.

Without connecting zippers, layers go on over top loosely rather than integrating fully. You have to re-tighten the straps and Velcro.

Also, to remove the jacket, you need to unthread it from your pants and belt. This helps prevent riding up but complicates layering changes.

With those caveats, the Hollister still provides an excellent safety baseline to build on with layers as needed.

Sizing and Fit Notes

If you’re considering the Hollister, paying close attention to sizing is crucial.

This jacket has an athletic, tailored cut and fits much tighter than normal motorcycle jackets.

I typically wear a size Medium or 40-inch chest in most brands. However, with the Hollister, I opted for a size Large, which fits a 41-43-inch chest.

For me, the Large provided a comfortable close fit. I’d likely be squeezing into a Medium.

Try the jacket on in person before buying to ensure you get the appropriate snug fit for your body type and riding style.

Cost of the Knox Hollister Jacket

You are paying a premium for the safety rating, quality construction, innovative design, and premium materials.

It could be well worth the price for riders prioritizing safety and protection. But expect to pay for the high-end features and top-notch quality.

Pro Tips for the Knox Hollister

If you’re thinking of buying the Knox Hollister, keep these pro tips in mind:

  • Carefully follow sizing charts – this jacket fits smaller than normal
  • Do you already own riding pants? Measure belt loops to ensure the jacket loops will align
  • Plan your cold-weather layering strategy in advance
  • Keep the tight fit in mind and size up if between sizes

FAQs About the Knox Hollister Jacket

What is the Hollister made of?

The Hollister uses a mix of DuPont stretch Cordura fabric and lightweight, open-weave mesh. Cordura provides abrasion protection, while mesh offers airflow.

Is the Hollister waterproof?

No, the Hollister is designed for breathability and airflow. You need to layer separate waterproof layers on top to stay dry.

Can you attach the Hollister to Knox’s inner layers?

No, there are no zipper connections. Outer layers go on loosely over the top of the Hollister jacket.

Does the Hollister come with CE armor?

Knox includes CE level 2 shoulder, elbow, and back armor. An optional chest protector is sold separately.

Is the Hollister safe in a summer rain storm?

The mesh jacket provides abrasion protection but is not meant for heavy