First Manufacturing Fillmore Jacket: A Hands-On Review

As someone who logs thousands of miles yearly on two wheels, having a durable and protective jacket is non-negotiable.

But I also value versatility and want something suitable for cooler weather without being overly bulky or restrictive.

The Fillmore caught my eye because it seemed to strike that perfect balance between protection and comfort. I was intrigued by the full-sleeve thermal liner for colder temps and the supple 1.1mm cowhide leather shell.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Is this the best leather motorcycle jacket for you? Let’s find out!

First Manufacturing Fillmore


Key Takeaways

  • Classic vintage styling
  • Durable full-grain leather
  • Removable thermal liner

An Overview of the Fillmore’s Construction and Materials

The Fillmore stands out with its premium full-grain cowhide leather construction. The buttery 1.1mm leather felt pliable right out of the box while still providing ample abrasion resistance. It’s thick enough to inspire confidence but retains a nice feel and comfortable drape.

Unlike many competitors, First Manufacturing used fewer separate panels and instead relied on large, sweeping pieces of leather.

This enhances durability and gives the Fillmore a smooth, seamless look. The quality of the leather and construction is immediately apparent.

Interior materials: Inside, you’ll find a satin liner and fixed 3D mesh layer to allow some airflow circulation. The liner helps the jacket slide easily over underlying layers.

Thermal sleeve: For added warmth, the Fillmore includes a full sleeve thermal liner that can be removed when the temps heat up. It provides noticeable insulation during cooler rides without bulk.

No included armor: One downside is that no armor is included, so you’ll need to purchase elbow, shoulder, and back protectors separately if desired.

How the Fillmore Fits, Feels, and Functions on the Road

Finding a properly fitted leather motorcycle jacket is crucial for comfort and protection. Here’s how the Fillmore fit me during testing:

  • I’m 5’10”, 175 lbs, with a 40″ chest and 32″ waist.
  • The size large offered a tailored fit without restrictive tightness.
  • The leather breaks in over time, yielding even more comfort down the road.
  • Gussets at the shoulders allow freedom of movement while riding.
  • The overall cut accommodates riding positions without straining or binding.

The Fillmore felt broken in and flexible right away, thanks to the supple feel of the leather. The zippered and buckled front closure sealed out wind effectively, as did the ribbed cuffs.

Small details like zippered side pockets and an interior mobile pocket added convenience without detracting from the retro vibe. I also appreciated the two discrete interior pockets for concealed carry.


  • Premium full-grain leather construction
  • Removable thermal liner for colder weather
  • Classic asymmetrical style with vintage accents
  • Relaxed fit allows layering and free movement


  • No included armor
  • Not ideal for warm summer riding
  • Only two color options are available

The Bottom Line: With its supple premium leather and insulating liner, the Fillmore is a fantastic option for riders seeking a stylish protective jacket for cooler weather.

How Does the Fillmore Compare to Similar Leather Jackets?

To provide context, I compared the Fillmore to some similar leather jackets from popular brands:

JacketPrimary LeatherArmor?Thermal Liner?
First MFG FillmoreCowhideNoYes
Roland Sands DiegoCowhideYesNo
Alpinestars OscarCowhideYesYes
Icon 1000 TriggerCowhideYesNo

While options like the Roland Sands Diego or Icon 1000 Trigger do include armor, they don’t offer a thermal liner. The Alpinestars Oscar checks both boxes but costs significantly more.

The Fillmore strikes a great balance for those seeking warmth and protection without breaking the bank. With CE-rated armor added, it stacks up nicely against pricier competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions About the First MFG Fillmore Jacket

Does the Fillmore run true to size?

Yes, the Fillmore fits very close to size in my experience. I recommend measuring your chest and consulting First MFG’s size chart to dial in the right fit. The leather does relax a bit over time.

How heavy and warm is the thermal liner?

The quilted thermal liner adds noticeable insulation against cooler temps, but it’s not overly bulky or restrictive. It’s comfortable as a standalone layer or underneath the leather shell.

Is the cowhide leather thick and protective?

Definitely. At 1.1mm, the Fillmore’s full-grain cowhide leather provides ample abrasion resistance without sacrificing comfort. It’s thick enough to inspire confidence but flexible.

Does the Fillmore work for summer riding?

Not ideally. With the thermal liner and lack of vents, the Fillmore is better suited to fall, winter, and spring riding when you need protection from the cold.

What type of riding is the Fillmore best for?

It’s a terrific choice for cruising, touring, and standard/retro styles of motorcycles. The relaxed fit and thermal insulation make it ideal for longer rides in cooler weather.

My Final Verdict After Putting the First MFG Fillmore to the Test

The Fillmore has impressed me over several weeks and hundreds of miles of riding with its durable construction, versatile warmth, and timeless retro styling. It’s quickly become my go-to leather jacket for cooler weather riding.

While I wish armor were included, the First Manufacturing Fillmore represents an outstanding value for riders seeking a premium leather motorcycle jacket. Given the quality of materials and craftsmanship, it’s a bargain at this price point.

The supple full-grain cowhide breaks in beautifully, while the thermal liner and zippered front closure seal out cold winds on chilly rides.

Whether you’re cruising the open road or navigating city streets, the Fillmore delivers ample protection without sacrificing an ounce of throwback style.

So if you ride a standard, retro, bobber, or cruiser motorcycle and want durable, practical, and stylish gear, I wholeheartedly recommend the First MFG Fillmore jacket. It provides the ideal blend of form and function. Your wallet and riding style will thank you!

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