Dainese Sevilla Air-Tex Women’s Jacket Review

As an experienced rider, safety is my top priority. But comfort runs a close second. When temperatures start climbing, leather jackets can quickly become unbearable.

I appreciate the protection of leather, but I wouldn’t say I like arriving at my destination drenched in sweat. This is why I decided to test the Dainese Sevilla Air-Tex.

My goal was to thoroughly test this jacket to see if it could be a versatile 3-season option. I evaluated critical factors like comfort, airflow, safety features, and overall construction quality.

This review shares my experience using the Dainese Sevilla Air jacket in the real world. But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Is this the best women’s motorcycle jacket? Let’s find out!

Dainese Sevilla Air-Tex Women’s Jacket


Key Takeaways

Our Verdict Of The Dainese Sevilla Air-Tex Women’s Jacket

After extensively testing the Dainese Sevilla Air mesh jacket, it achieves exactly what it set out to do – provide maximum airflow for warm weather riding while still offering crucial impact protection.

The CE-rated armor provides effective impact absorption where it’s needed most, while the highly breathable polyester mesh fabric allows constant airflow to keep you cool even in sweltering temperatures.

Despite the focus on ventilation, Dainese didn’t compromise on features. I appreciate details like the reflective piping, Velcro waist adjusters, and even subtly integrated storage. This is a well-designed jacket crafted from quality materials.

While not quite as protective as leather race suits, the Sevilla Air still offers ample safety for the majority of street riders. And the increase in comfort is dramatic compared to heavier jackets.

Considering its strong performance, premium features, and very reasonable price point, the Dainese Sevilla

Air earns my recommendation as an excellent 3-season mesh riding jacket. It will be my new go-to option for staying cool once the mercury starts rising.

Comparison to Similar Jackets

JacketKey Features
First Manufacturing The Sexy Biker Women’s Jacket100% leather construction, quilted accents, classic biker styling
Alpinestars Women’s Eloise V2 Air JacketPerforated leather, CE armor, zippered air vents
Revit Xena 3 Women’s JacketWaterproof outer shell, removable thermal liner, CE armor
Roland Sands Maven Women’s Leather Jacket100% leather construction, classic styling, zippered vents

Key Features of the Dainese Sevilla Air Jacket

Before jumping into my review, let’s look at some of the Sevilla Air’s essential features:

  • Mesh constructionLightweight polyester mesh makes up the majority of the jacket for maximum airflow. The mesh has a very open weave, allowing air to flow freely.
  • Removable CE armor – Protection comes from removable CE-rated composite shoulder and el elbow protectors. There is also a pocket to accommodate an optional back protector.
  • Reflective details – Strategically placed reflective piping enhances nighttime visibility.
  • Air ventilation zones – Mesh paneling on the chest, back, and sleeves promotes targeted airflow where it’s needed most.
  • Waist adjustment – Waist tabs allow you to customize the jacket fit.
  • Subtle branding – Tonal Dainese logos blend into the jacket’s monochromatic styling.

My First Impressions of the Dainese Sevilla Air

Upon first seeing the Sevilla Air jacket, I immediately noticed its very minimalist, monochromatic look. The tonal black logos don’t loudly shout out the Dainese brand.

I appreciate this subtle styling, which allows the jacket to work with a wide range of bike styles.

Trying on the jacket, I was impressed by the mesh’s light feel and high degree of stretch. It has an athletic fit that allows a full range of motion without restriction. The mesh flows with natural body movements.

The jacket seemed well-constructed, with clean, tidy seams throughout. I didn’t find any loose threads or quality concerns.

The YKK zippers operated smoothly. And the Velcro closures on the collar and waist tabs are locked securely in place.

Overall, my first impressions were very positive. The Sevilla Air seemed like it could deliver on both airflow and protection needs. But the real test would be putting it to use on hot weather rides.

Taking the Dainese Sevilla Air on The Road

To give the Sevilla Air a thorough evaluation, I wore it on multiple rides in temperatures ranging from 80-95°F. Over the past two months, I racked up over 500 miles of riding, which gave me plenty of saddle time to put this jacket through its paces.

Here are the key factors I focused on while testing the Dainese Sevilla Air mesh jacket:

Airflow & Breathability

My main question was, does this jacket really keep you cool in the sweltering summer heat? I’m pleased to report that the Sevilla Air delivers outstanding airflow that makes a noticeable difference.

The mesh material brings constant air circulation, while strategic ventilation zones channel cooling air where it’s needed most.

Even wearing a t-shirt underneath, I stayed remarkably cool and dry on blistering hot days. The jacket is so breathable that wind from riding actually flows right through it.

Compared to leather jackets I’ve worn in summer, the airflow improvement is dramatic. The Sevilla Air definitely beats heat and humidity.

Impact Protection

While airflow is great, protection still matters. The CE-rated armor in the elbows and shoulders provides effective impact absorption. The lightweight composite material allows great movement while guarding vulnerable areas.

I never felt restricted by the armor. It stays put and doesn’t shift around. Going down would be painful in any jacket, but the Sevilla’s armor helps mitigate potential injuries.

I added a Dainese G1 back protector for increased protection. Having armor coverage on the back, elbows, and shoulders gives me peace of mind that my upper body is well protected.

Comfort & Fit

Comfort is subjective, but the Sevilla Air fits like a glove for my body type. I always look for an athletic fit, and this jacket moves perfectly with my body through a full range of motion.

The stretch mesh and strategic paneling combination eliminates any tight spots or undue pressure points. It just feels “right” the moment I put it on. No break-in period is required.

I also appreciate the waist adjusters that let you fine-tune the precise fit. And the mesh liner avoids irritation from rough fabric. Overall, it’s one of the most comfortable jackets I’ve owned.

Weather Resistance

While clearly designed for summer heat, I was curious how the Sevilla Air would perform if I encountered rain. Light showers are rare where I ride, but I eventually got to test wet weather performance.

As expected, the jacket doesn’t offer waterproofing like a rainsuit. However, the mesh does shed light rain fairly well.

It doesn’t instantly soak through. Caught in a brief storm, I stayed reasonably dry, especially with a water-resistant base layer on.

Downpours are another story. Extended heavy rain will soak through the mesh. But the Sevilla Air handles light precipitation and mild moisture reasonably well.

Nighttime Visibility

Riding after dark, I appreciated the reflective piping integrated into the Sevilla Air. Strategically placed along the shoulders and upper back, the reflective detailing really pops at night when illuminated. This enhances rider visibility and safety after sunset.

The subtle tonal logos that look slick during the day disappear at night. Instead, the reflective accents take over to make you visible.

Value & Cost

With an MSRP of $349.95, the Dainese Sevilla Air hits a reasonable price point for a mesh jacket with included CE armor. Considering the quality and performance, it is an excellent value.

It’s a very affordable entry point into the Dainese lineup. But the jacket doesn’t feel cheap or stripped down. You get premium features and protection without the premium price tag.

The Pros and Cons of the Dainese Sevilla Air

Based on my extensive testing, here are the key pros and cons I found with the Sevilla Air jacket:


  • Exceptional airflow & breathability
  • Lightweight & flexible CE armor
  • Athletic fit with great comfort
  • Effective moisture-wicking performance
  • Reflective details for visibility
  • Subtle, monochromatic styling
  • High-quality construction and materials
  • Great value for the price


  • Not fully waterproof in heavy rain
  • Armor doesn’t extend to the forearms
  • Limited storage with minimal interior pockets
  • Mesh requires delicate care and washing

While not perfect, the Sevilla Air’s pros far outweigh its cons for most warm-weather riding needs.

Who is the Dainese Sevilla Air Best Suited For?

The optimal buyer for the Sevilla Air jacket is a rider seeking maximum airflow and cooling performance during hot summer riding. It’s an excellent choice for temperatures ranging from 80-100°F.

It works well for upright cruiser riding or moderately aggressive sportbike riding positions. The athletic cut accommodates different stances. Taller riders may want to size up for ideal coverage.

While commuting and casual around-town rides are perfect for this jacket, I recommend upgrading to a more protective model for off-road, motocross, or extreme speeds.

Overall, the Sevilla Air hits the sweet spot for riders who want a cooling mesh jacket with vital impact protection at an affordable price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Dainese Sevilla Air offer rain protection?

While not waterproof, the jacket does shed light rain fairly well and resists light moisture. In heavy downpours, expect to get wet over time. It’s ideal for dry summer weather but not heavy storms.

How does the sizing run?

The Sevilla Air runs very true-to-size. Order your normal jacket size based on the Dainese size chart. If between sizes, consider sizing up for extra room to layer. The mesh does have good stretch if needed.

Is the mesh delicate or prone to tearing?

The polyester mesh feels quite durable to withstand abrasion. It’s not as vulnerable as you’d expect. However, avoid hooks, Velcro, sharp objects, etc., that could snag or tear the mesh over time.

Does Dainese offer matching pants?

The Sevilla Air jacket pairs perfectly with the coordinating Sevilla Air pants to complete the full summer riding suit. The pants offer similar mesh ventilation and CE armor protections.

What type of base layers work best?

Wear a lightweight, moisture-wicking top as a base layer. This will aid evaporation of sweat on hot days. Favor tight, athletic-fitting base layers over loose cotton shirts under the jacket.

The Bottom Line

The Dainese Sevilla Air delivers exactly what I look for in a warm-weather riding jacket – outstanding airflow paired with essential impact protection. It’s become my go-to jacket for hot summer rides.

While not inexpensive, the reasonable price brings Dainese quality and safety within reach for most budgets. Ultimately, the airflow and comfort make the investment worthwhile for riders in hot climates.

So, if you’re seeking relief from sweltering heat without sacrificing safety, the Sevilla Air is one of the finest mesh jackets around.

It strikes an ideal balance of protection, ventilation, comfort, and quality. Just don’t expect it to be fully waterproof in heavy rains.

This is an extremely impressive jacket within its intended range that I’m happy to recommend for summer riding comfort.

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