Belstaff Ecomaster Leather Jacket Review: Style & Sustainability?

The iconic British heritage brand Belstaff has just released a new leather jacket model – the Ecomaster. This latest addition to their lineup boasts an emphasis on sustainability, using more eco-friendly materials and production methods.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Is this the best leather motorcycle jacket for you? Let’s find out!

Let’s take a closer look at whether the Ecomaster lives up to expectations.

Belstaff Ecomaster Jacket Review


Key Takeaways

Key Features of the Belstaff Ecomaster Jacket

  • Utilizes organic cotton, recycled polyester, and hemp for sustainability
  • Retains Belstaff’s signature look and premium feel
  • Abrasion-resistant outer shell
  • CE Level A safety rating
  • D3O ventilated shoulder and elbow armor
  • Waterproof membrane and cotton lining
  • Mid-length cut prevents waist bunching
  • Zippered chest, lower, and internal pockets
  • Partitioned lower pockets for organization
  • Ventilation zippers at upper ribs
  • Neck and waist buckles for adjustment
  • Partway central zipper improves comfort

An Emphasis on Sustainability

Sustainability has become an increasingly important consideration across all industries. With growing awareness of the impact manufacturing has on the environment, brands are being pushed to adopt more ethical and eco-friendly practices.

The Ecomaster appears to be Belstaff’s attempt to get ahead of the curve when it comes to sustainability. The jacket utilizes more organic cotton, recycled polyester, and hemp in its abrasion-resistant outer shell. Moving to these more sustainable materials allows Belstaff to reduce its environmental impact.

This aligns with hints from manufacturers that more sustainable production methods will soon be mandated industry-wide. By tackling this proactively, the British brand aims to transition seamlessly when stricter regulations are enacted.

A Familiar Belstaff Look and Feel

However, sustainability often comes at the cost of quality and performance. There are concerns that eco-friendly materials may feel cheaper or compromise safety.

Impressively, the Ecomaster defies these expectations, retaining the premium look and feel synonymous with Belstaff apparel. The organic cotton, recycled polyester, and hemp blend used in the outer shell feels substantive and durable.

It may be different from other Belstaff leather jackets, but the quality remains apparent. This innovative fabric blend doesn’t sacrifice the iconic Belstaff finish.

Safety and Protection You’d Expect

Safety is always a top priority for motorcycle gear, and the Ecomaster delivers the protection you’d anticipate from Belstaff. The jacket carries a CE safety rating at Level A, meaning it meets stringent European criteria.

Vented D3O armor is included at the elbows and shoulders, offering impact protection while remaining comfortable. There’s also a pocket ready to fit a back protector.

The outer shell resists abrasion, while a waterproof membrane and inner quilted cotton lining provide weather protection. This demonstrates that sustainability doesn’t have to mean skimping on safety.

Improved Comfort and Practicality

Belstaff’s designers opted for a mid-length silhouette for the Ecomaster rather than a full-length jacket. This provides extra coverage while seated on a bike compared to a standard leather motorcycle jacket.

But a mid-length cut also prevents bunching at the waist when riding – enhancing comfort and aesthetic appeal. The jacket is cut slightly large, so sizing down may be advisable for a tailored fit.

For storage, the Ecomaster features two zippered chest pockets, two lower pockets, and a single internal pocket. The lower pockets are partitioned for improved organization. The jacket’s chunky central zipper also stops partway down for flexibility.

Ventilation has been improved with subtle zippered vents at the upper ribs to prevent overheating. And the buckles at the neck and waist let you fine-tune the fit.

A Sustainable Step Forward

While the Ecomaster carries a hefty price tag, it pushes Belstaff in a more ethical direction without compromising quality or performance. The incorporation of organic, recycled, and natural materials is a positive step.

This jacket proves that sustainability and safety can coexist in motorcycle gear. With its CE rating, armored protection, and waterproofing, the Ecomaster doesn’t forgo function. And its familiar high-quality feel upholds Belstaff’s reputation.

For riders seeking a protective leather jacket with green credentials, the Belstaff Ecomaster warrants consideration. It manages to fuse eco-friendly fabrics with a classic heritage aesthetic. And that’s a combination sure to appeal to the environmentally conscious motorcyclist.

How Does the Belstaff Ecomaster Compare to Other Eco-Friendly Jackets?

Comparison to Similar Jackets

Belstaff EcomasterOrganic cotton, recycled polyester, hempD3O shoulders & elbowsYes$695
Alpinestars Missile V2Full-grain leatherForceTech shoulders & elbowsNo$450
Roland Sands RoninCowhide leatherD3O shoulders & elbowsNo$630
Dainese Racing 4Cowhide leatherComposite shoulders & elbowsNo$749
Richa LausanneSheepskin leatherRemovable CE armorNo$260

The Belstaff Ecomaster stands out from other leather jackets with its use of eco-friendly organic and recycled materials in place of animal leather. This gives it strong sustainability credentials but with no loss of quality or protection.

The Alpinestars Missile V2 is a cheaper leather option but isn’t waterproof and uses non-recycled materials.

The Roland Sands Ronin also forgoes waterproofing and sustainability for a slightly lower price point than the Ecomaster.

The Dainese Racing 4 has premium leather construction with integrated armor for maximum abrasion resistance. But it commands a higher price tag than the Belstaff jacket.

Finally, the Richa Lausanne provides a budget-friendly leather jacket for women but lacks armor and weatherproofing.

Overall, the Ecomaster from Belstaff offers a great balance of sustainability, safety, weather protection, and heritage styling. Its eco-friendly materials help reduce environmental impact compared to traditional leather jackets.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Belstaff Ecomaster

Is the Ecomaster fully waterproof?

Yes, the Ecomaster is fully waterproof, thanks to an internal membrane that seals out moisture. The jacket keeps you dry in wet conditions.

Is the Ecomaster cut large or small?

It runs slightly large for a Belstaff jacket. Sizing down may give a more tailored fit.

Does the Ecomaster have CE armor?

Yes, it’s CE-certified to Level A and incorporates ventilated D3O armor in the elbows and shoulders.

What colors does the Ecomaster come in?

Currently, it’s only available in black, but additional colors may be released in the future.

Where is the Ecomaster made?

Like all Belstaff apparel, the Ecomaster is handcrafted in Italy.

Is the Ecomaster jacket worth the price?

It’s expensive but offers impressive quality, protection, and sustainability. Given Belstaff’s reputation and construction, the price may be justified.

How does the sizing compare to other Belstaff jackets?

The Ecomaster fits slightly large. If you normally wear a size Medium in Belstaff, you may want to choose a Small in the Ecomaster.


The Belstaff Ecomaster brings sustainability to the brand’s lineup while retaining the company’s renowned quality and protection. It skillfully blends eco-friendly fabrics like organic cotton and hemp into a heritage design.

While the price tag is steep, you get armor, weatherproofing, durability, and style in return. If you value sustainability along with safety and comfort, the Ecomaster is a compelling option.

This jacket highlights that eco-friendly materials have matured enough to produce motorcycle gear as protective and well-made as traditional gear. Let us know if you have any other questions about the Belstaff Ecomaster jacket!

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