Belstaff Ariel 2 Pro Jacket Review: Worth the Upgrade?

As a rider who values protection and versatility, I was intrigued when I first learned about the Aerial 2 Pro jacket. The original Aerial jacket was a popular style for Belstaff a few years ago before being discontinued.

With the return of the Aerial line and updates like a waterproof membrane and CE armor approval, I knew this was a motorcycle jacket I had to try out.

The specs of the Aerial 2 Pro check these key boxes, making it a prime candidate for testing. In this review, I share how it measured up across these criteria after extensive first-hand use.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Is this the best waterproof motorcycle jacket for you? Let’s find out!

Belstaff Ariel 2 Pro Jacket


Key Takeaways

  • Casual yet protective styling
  • CE-approved armor protection
  • Waterproof and breathable membrane

Initial Impressions of the Aerial 2 Pro

My initial impressions upon unboxing the Aerial 2 Pro were very positive. Right away, I noticed the sharp styling, with sporty lines but subtle branding elements.

The wax cotton outer shell felt thick and protective while still maintaining flexibility. The texture and feel were distinctive, while the red colorway looked great. It struck a nice balance between a casual motorcycle jacket and motorcycle-specific armoring.

Moving the jacket around, I could hear the rustling of the waterproof membrane inside. The presence of this membrane, along with the coated zippers and storm flap, showed the weather protection built into the jacket.

Finally, the PDF armored inserts in the elbows and shoulders were clearly substantial. I was eager to see how they would perform in protecting these key impact zones.

My first impressions revealed a thoughtfully designed jacket with the materials and construction needed for motorcycle riding. Next, it was time to put it to the test!

CE Protection Rating

One of my key criteria for the Aerial 2 Pro was strong impact protection. The inclusion of CE-approved armor was a must, and the Aerial 2 Pro delivered.

This jacket comes equipped with CE Level 1 shoulder and elbows armor. The exact rating (Level 1 or Level 2) was still pending final certification at the time I tested the jacket.

But Belstaff confirmed it would achieve at least Level 1, which indicates strong protective capabilities.

The armor inserts are sizable, with thick foam padding. In my testing, they provided reassuring impact protection without limiting mobility. The elbow inserts can be precisely positioned while the shoulder armor stays fixed in place.

I found the Level 1+ (or potentially Level 2) CE pads provided a great balance of protection and comfort for street riding.

Riders looking for the highest level of protection may opt to upgrade to CE Level 2 pads, but the included armor is highly capable for most needs.

Design and Materials of the Belstaff Ariel 2 Pro Jacket

I like how the Belstaff Ariel 2 Pro jacket is made from a combination of cotton and tech wax, giving it a unique and durable design.

The wax cotton provides a classic and stylish look, while the tech wax adds strength and water resistance. This jacket is designed to withstand the elements and protect the rider.

MaterialCombination of wax cotton and tech wax
DesignClassic and stylish
DurabilityZip pocket on the chest, two side zip pockets, and a Napoleon pocket
ProtectionProvides proper protection for motorcycle riders
LightweightEasy to wear and move in
LiningTraditional check lining with corduroy in the collar and sleeve ends
PocketsThe collar, waist, and sleeves have poppers for adjustability
AdjustabilityPocket available but not included
ArmorD3O armor in the shoulders and elbows
Back ProtectorPocket available, but not included
Alternative OptionsLisfig jacket from Hal Vassens offers similar features at a lower price

The combination of materials and the attention to detail in the design make the Belstaff Ariel 2 Pro jacket a great choice for motorcycle riders.

It offers style and functionality, ensuring riders are protected and comfortable on their journeys.

Waterproof and Breathable Performance

One of the major upgrades of the Aerial 2 Pro is the inclusion of a waterproof and breathable membrane. I was extremely impressed by the wet weather performance.

Even in heavy rain, the jacket kept me completely dry. The fully taped seams and coated zippers seal out moisture.

Rain beads up and rolls off the wax cotton outer shell thanks to a durable water-repellant (DWR) treatment.

Despite the water protection, the jacket remains highly breathable. The interior membrane escapes sweat vapor and heat, preventing an uncomfortable buildup underneath.

I stayed dry without overheating, even when riding in the warm sun after a rainstorm.

The waterproofing even extends to the internal pocket, providing safe storage for electronics and essentials. I recommend sealing the velcro wrist closures snugly over gloves for optimal weather protection.

Abrasion Resistant Construction

In addition to armor and waterproofing, I also needed the Aerial 2 Pro to provide abrasion resistance in a slide. The materials and construction deliver reassurance here as well.

The wax cotton outer shell features a unique nylon thread infusion, boosting abrasion resistance. This elevated durability contributed to the jacket’s CE approval and should allow it to hold up better during crashes.

Underneath the outer shell, the waterproof membrane acts as an additional abrasion-resistant barrier. So, despite the somewhat vulnerable wax cotton exterior, the jacket offers multi-layer slide protection.

The solid triple stitching throughout adds further reinforcement. Areas like the elbows and shoulders are reinforced for impact resistance and abrasion protection.

I am confident in the jacket’s slide protection after inspecting seams, thread, armor pockets, and materials. It should perform reliably to reduce injury in a crash while still looking great afterward.

JacketShoulder ProtectionElbow Protection
Belstaff Ariel 2 ProD3O armorD3O armor
Lisfig JacketCE level 1 armorCE level 1 armor
Other JacketsVariesVaries

As you can see, the Belstaff Ariel 2 Pro jacket stands out with its high-quality D3O armor in both the shoulders and elbows. This ensures that you are well-protected during your rides.

Versatile Styling On and Off the Bike

An important factor for me was finding a jacket that transitions seamlessly on and off the bike. The Aerial 2 Pro fits that bill with its sporty but understated design.

Branding elements like the embroidered Belstaff patch and engraved zippers are very subtle—the straightforward styling blends in for everyday wear with no flashy colors or patterns.

The shorter cut provides good coverage when riding but also looks appropriate away from the bike. And the wax cotton fabric gives it a distinctive look and feel for casual use.

With no thermal liner, this is a 3-season jacket best suited for Spring through Fall. The lack of insulation allows easy layering to adapt it for cooler weather.

Overall, the muted styling and versatile materials make the Aerial 2 Pro the perfect year-round companion both on and off the motorcycle.

Sizing and Comfort

In terms of sizing and comfort, the Aerial 2 Pro runs true to size but is slightly slimmer fitting compared to other Belstaff jackets.

I typically take a men’s size large, and the size large Aerial 2 Pro fits me very well, with just enough room to add layers underneath. For reference, I have an approximately 41.5-inch chest.

The sleeve lengths on the size large were perfect, hitting right at my wrist