Rukka Thermo G+ GTX Gloves Review: Do They Handle Wind & Rain?

I’m a dedicated rider who doesn’t let a little cold weather stop me from getting out on my bike. But I do need some serious protection for my hands when the temperature starts dropping.

That’s why I decided to test out the Rukka ThermoG+ winter motorcycle gloves to see if they really deliver effective insulation and weatherproofing.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Are these the best motorcycle gloves for winter for you?

After thoroughly evaluating the construction and performance of the ThermoG+ motorcycle gloves, I have the answers.

Rukka Thermo G+ GTX Gloves


Key Takeaways

  • Premium Materials
  • Convenient Features
  • Heavy-duty Protection

RRukka Thermo G+ GTX Gloves – Our Verdict

Once I got the Togwotee Gauntlet gloves out on actual rides, I was able to test their protective qualities. The Gore-Tex barrier provides exceptional waterproofing through light rain and storms. My hands stayed warm despite getting soaked externally multiple times.

Exposure to high wind speeds also proved the thick thermal insulation and secure wrist seals maintain interior warmth quite well. I wrote these observations down in my riding journal.

After repeated test rides, I feel confident the gloves meet their promises of keeping hands warm and dry in changing winter conditions.

Right off the bat, I could tell the overall construction quality of the ThermoG+ gloves was top-notch. The outer shell uses a mixture of durable leather, textile, and abrasion-resistant materials engineered for longevity. Rukka even added extra reinforcement on high-wear areas for enhanced protection.

I especially appreciate the use of Gore-Tex laminates that provide the ultimate waterproof and breathable barrier.

The 3M Thinsulate insulation rated at 200g focuses warming power on the backs of the hands while leaving palms thinner for a better feel on the controls.

Features Designed for Riding Convenience

Beyond core construction materials, Rukka included handy features to make these winter motorcycle gloves more usable for motorcyclists.

Touchscreen conductive fingertips allow easy use of bike controls and GPS screens without removing gloves or hands getting cold.

There’s also a handy Velcro wrist closure strap for dialing in fit adjustments. And a soft [cuff] seals out wind efficiently.

Lastly, the index finger features a soft visor wipe panel for cleaning lenses and visors when out on rides. Overall, the designs showcase how these are indeed motorcycle-specific gloves.

Protective Safety Reinforcements

I wouldn’t want to ride with winter gloves lacking proper impact protection. That’s why I was pleased to see the ThermoG+ gloves include exterior [Hard Knuckle] armor for backing hands in the event of a crash.

Further armored blocks strengthen fingers, plus extra foam layers cushion against vibrations.

Snug Comfortable Fit

Trying on the Rukka ThermoG+ gloves revealed a comfortably snug fit with minimal break-in required. I took out my tape measure and confirmed my hand [circumference], then compared it to Rukka’s sizing chart to choose my ideal size.

The elastic and textile construction offers nice flexibility, while sealed seams prevent air leaks. And the soft thermal liner inside helps hands stay cozy on cold rides without overheating.

Rukka Thermo G+ GTX Gloves Sizing Table



Could I get similar winter gloves for less money?

You can certainly find cheaper winter riding gloves than the $190 Rukkas. However, most lack the premium brand name components like Gore-Tex waterproofing and 3M Thinsulate insulation that really enhance cold weather performance. The extra cost brings added value for riders who want gloves built to last and protect through harsh conditions.

Do the Rukka gloves run true to size?

Yes, I found the ThermoG+ gloves fit according to Rukka’s published sizing chart when accurately measuring hand circumference to choose an ideal size. They run very true with a snug winter cut suiting layered handwear.

Can the conductive fingertips wear out from use?

The touchscreen fingertips use conductive thread technology that typically lasts intact for the full lifetime of gloves unless excessively worn down.

For most riders, the fingertips should keep working great year after year unless hands take a lot of spills off the bike, leading to abrasion damage. Proper care helps maintain.

Why are winter motorcycle gloves typically expensive?

Creating heavy-duty winter gloves suitable for motorcycle use takes advanced materials and technical construction that cost more than casual winter gloves. The strong outer shells, fitted designs, and breathable waterproof liners add expense. But the investment pays off through their ability to provide effective weather protection year after year instead of needing continual replacement, saving money in the long term.

And Finally…

Yes, the Rukka ThermoG+ gloves stand up to their promises and justify the cost for riders seeking premium winter weather protection.

If staying warm and dry in cold conditions makes it possible for you to keep riding more months per year, then gloves like these pay for themselves many times over by enabling extra days in the saddle.

Considering their construction quality and well-implemented technical features, the ThermoG+ gloves earn my recommendation for winter bike duty.

Let me know what questions you still have about Rukka’s winter offerings, and I’m happy to provide my first-hand opinions after testing to help you make informed decisions about the right cold-weather gear for your needs. Ride safe and rubber side down!

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