REAX Tasker Gloves Review: Cool Enough for Hot Days?

I’m always on the lookout for high-quality, protective gloves to keep my hands safe while riding. As a keen motorcyclist, having the right gear is crucial for comfort and safety. Recently, I came across an intriguing new option—the Reax Tasker gloves.

These gloves boast premium protection and quality materials at an affordable price point. But are they truly the best choice for riders?

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Are these the best motorcycle gloves for the summer for you? I decided to take a closer look to find out.

REAX Tasker Gloves Review


Key Takeaways

  • Great value
  • Robust protection
  • Premium Materials

Are the Reax Taskers the Best Motorbike Gloves?

In my opinion, the Reax Tasker gloves provide tremendous bang for your buck. They can handle aggressive sport riding or long days in the saddle touring. All while keeping your paws safe from harm.

For the price, I would struggle to find another pair of gloves that offers this level of quality and protection. While not perfect, the Taskers come darn close for daily riding use.

So, are they definitively the best gloves for 2024 and beyond? In my opinion, they make a strong case in the sub-$100 category.

If you want a sturdy, stylish glove, you can rely on every ride without breaking the bank, and the Taskers are an outstanding option to consider.

I encourage fellow riders to check them out at Revzilla and share your own feedback after testing them out! Do you think the Reax Taskers are top contenders for best gloves of 2023? Let me know in the comments below!

A Quick Overview of the Reax Tasker Gloves

The Tasker gloves are part of the new Reax collection from Revzilla, launched under their in-house brand Komodo. Reax aims to deliver upgraded gear that focuses on crucial rider needs—namely, protection, comfort, and reasonable pricing.

These gloves check those boxes beautifully. They utilize thick, premium cowhide leather with padding in all the right places. The separated knuckle armor offers flexibility while shielding the hands. They also incorporate handy touchscreen-compatible fingertips for using devices on the go.

But the question remains: Are they the best option for riders To answer that, we need to dive deeper into the Tasker’s construction and features.

Standout Features of the Reax Tasker Gloves

  • Beefy 0.8-0.9mm premium cowhide leather
  • Separated knuckle protectors backed by foam
  • Touchscreen-compatible fingertips
  • Goatskin leather palm with padded reinforcement
  • Vibration-dampening foam on the pinky side
  • Microfleece tricot lining for comfort
  • Stretch panels for flexibility

How Do the Tasker Gloves Fit and Feel?

The Taskers run true to size and fit snugly like a proper riding glove should. They are clearly designed for American hand sizes and contours.

I typically wear a large in most glove brands, and the Taskers in size large fit me perfectly. The supple leather and textile panels provide flexibility where needed for a natural feel.

The gloves have a slight pre-curved shape right out of the box. But thanks to the stretch material on the knuckles and fingers, they allow for an easy break-in period.

Despite the protection, the Taskers remain lightweight and breathable enough for warm-weather riding. That said, those seeking a fully ventilated summer glove may want to look at Reax’s Superfly model instead.

Breaking Down the Tasker Gloves Piece by Piece

Now, let’s examine the Reax Tasker gloves section by section to understand what makes them so great.

Back of Hand

  • 0.8-0.9mm premium cowhide leather. This is thicker than average and resembles jacket-grade leather.
  • Foam-padded knuckle armor for impact protection.
  • The stretch panel behind the knuckles enables natural movement.
  • Fingers are internally stitched for durability.
  • The thumb panel allows flexibility.


  • Digital goatskin leather delivers grip and durability.
  • Padded reinforcement at the base of the fingers to guard against abrasion.
  • The crook of the hand is protected by extra leather layers.


  • TPR closure tab for secure fitment.
  • Vibration-dampening foam on the pinky side.
  • Hook and loop wrist strap.

Touchscreen Tips

  • Conductive material on thumb and forefinger for using devices.

How Do the Reax Taskers Stack Up to Other Gloves?

The Tasker gloves provide better protection than most sub-$100 gloves, thanks largely to the thick leather and foam armor. They lack some of the venting of full-on summer gloves but work well for milder weather.

Compared to premium race gloves, they do not have hard plastic knuckles or extensive venting. However, the Taskers only cost a fraction of the price. All in all, they hit a nice sweet spot between protection, comfort, and affordability.

Two Potential Improvements for the Reax Tasker Gloves

While the Tasker gloves check nearly every box, a couple of small changes could make them even better:

  • More perforation/venting – Extra airflow would increase comfort on sweltering summer rides.
  • Reflective details – Reflective piping or prints would aid visibility at night.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the primary construction material?

The gloves mainly use thick, premium cowhide leather along with goatskin leather reinforcements. They also incorporate textile panels for flexibility and ventilation.

How much do they cost?

The Reax Tasker gloves retail for around $80-90 USD. This positions them at an appealing price point compared to many competing motorcycle gloves.

What colors are available?

Currently, they come in two color options – black and brown/black. The brown version features black leather accents for an attractive look.

How long do they take to break-in?

Thanks to quality materials and strategic stretch zones, the Taskers only need a brief break-in period before feeling truly comfortable.

Are the Tasker gloves waterproof?

No, the Taskers are not waterproof. For riding in wet conditions, you may want to apply a water-repellent treatment or look into waterproof over-gloves.

And Finally…

Finding the right pair of gloves is crucial for every motorcyclist. You want gear that performs yet doesn’t destroy your wallet.

After inspecting the Reax Tasker gloves, I believe they check those boxes for riders needing a rugged, high-value glove.

Of course, assessing your unique needs and priorities is vital when choosing equipment. But for all-around road use, the Taskers deserve strong consideration. I hope this breakdown gave you useful insights into whether these gloves could be the ideal pick for your rides this year and beyond!

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