Joe Rocket Windchill Gloves Review: Ideal for Colder Weather Rides?

As we enter the colder riding months, having gloves that provide insulation, weather protection, and abrasion resistance is crucial for comfort and safety. But with so many options on the market, how can you decide which gloves check all the boxes?

But, the main question I will answer in this review is: Are these the best motorcycle gloves for cold weather for you? Read on to find out if the windchill gloves make the cut.

Joe Rocket Windchill Gloves


Key Takeaways

  • Size up for proper fit
  • Great value cold weather glove
  • Lacks premium features of high-end gloves

A Streamlined and Thoughtful Design

The Jo Rocket windchill gloves boast a classic touring style that will suit riders of many bike styles, from v-twins to Goldwings to adventure bikes. The overall design is clean and straightforward, prioritizing function over flashy aesthetics.

Key Features and Technology

  • 100g 3M Thinsulate insulation
  • Waterproof and breathable Hipora liner
  • Pre-curved design
  • Single wrist adjustment strap
  • Large visor wiper on thumb
  • Foam padding on knuckles and palm

Balancing Warmth, Dexterity, and Value

With the windchill glove, Jo Rocket aimed to create a sub-$80 cold weather glove with crucial insulation. The inclusion of 100g Thinsulate and a Hipora waterproof liner elevates this glove beyond basic leather options in terms of weather protection.

For the price point, the warmth and features included are difficult to beat. However, some sacrifices clearly had to be made regarding overall construction and material quality.

The outer shell utilizes mid-weight cowhide leather along with neoprene paneling. This combination provides adequate flex for grip and control. However, premium options at a higher cost typically use softened goatskin or kangaroo hide along with an Outlast temperature-regulating liner.

Additionally, while this glove includes protective padding, it lacks rigid knuckle armor or composite hard parts found on premium racing and adventure gloves.

FeatureJo Rocket WindchillHigh-End Alternative
Insulation100g Thinsulate150-200g Primaloft/Thinsulate
WaterproofingHipora linerOutlast/Hydrotech
PaddingFoam paddingD30/Knox armor

So in terms of value, the Jo Rocket windchill punches above its class with weather protection and insulation. But for maximum protection, durability, and thermal comfort, the premium alternatives remain a tier above.

Sizing and Comfort Factors

When sizing the Jo Rocket windchill gloves, it’s crucial to size up, especially if you fall between standard sizes. I typically wear a large glove, but the XL windchill fits me perfectly with light layering.

The insulation does limit fine motor control slightly, but the pre-curved design and single wrist strap provide a secure fit.

For all-day riding comfort, these gloves should suffice as long as you have grip warmers or heated grips to balance out the temperature reduction from high speeds or wet weather. Bar end mitt covers could also help boost insulation for cold climate riders.

How Do These Gloves Compare to Other Jo Rocket Options?

Jo Rocket Classic Textile Street Bike Gloves

The classic Jo Rocket gloves provide uninsulated textile protection at a bargain price point. These gloves feature abrasion resistance and touchscreen compatibility. However, they lack any weatherproof liner or insulation.

While the classic gloves suit warm and dry riding, the Jo Rocket windchill offers crucial cold and wet weather versatility to extend your riding season.

Jo Rocket Superbike Track Racing Gloves

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Jo Rocket’s superbike gloves offer maximum protection for aggressive track and racing use.

Features like carbonite knuckle armor, kangaroo palm, and carbon fiber protectors put the Superbike gloves on a different level entirely.

For riders who demand supped-up performance on the track or canyon roads, the Superbike remains the top choice from the Jo Rocket lineup despite the lofty price tag.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Jo Rocket windchill gloves fully waterproof?

With the Hipora liner, these gloves provide waterproof and breathable performance to keep hands dry. However, they lack the sealed outer construction of premium waterproof race gloves.

How do these gloves perform in temperatures below freezing?

While the 100g Thinsulate does provide notable insulation, gloves with 150-200g insulation would be better suited to below-freezing riding. Heated grips or liners can boost warmth further.

Do the windchill gloves have touchscreen compatibility?

No, these gloves do not allow touchscreen use, unlike some Jo Rocket street and textile gloves. This is typical of most insulated winter gloves.

What is the primary protection material used?

The palms and fingers use 1.0-1.1mm diamond hide cowhide leather for abrasion resistance, with high wear zones reinforced by extra leather layers.

Do these gloves include hard knuckle protectors?

No, these gloves use injection molded foam padding around the knuckles rather than rigid armor for weight savings.

And Finally…

The Jo Rocket windchill gloves hit a sweet spot between protection, weather resistance, comfort, and value.

While premium alternatives still lead in materials and construction, the Windchill gets the fundamentals right as a mid-range cold-weather glove.

For riders seeking a solid four-season option without breaking the bank, the Jo Rocket Windchill gloves deserve strong consideration. They provide ample weather protection and insulation for everything short of aggressive winter riding.

So if you ride through fall, winter, and spring but don’t require top-tier performance, the windchill gloves deliver better bang-for-buck than just about any competitor. Ride safely and stay warm this season!

What has your experience been with the Jo Rocket windchill gloves? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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