Icon Pursuit Classic Gloves Review: Vintage Style meets Modern Tech?

The Icon Pursuit has been a popular leather glove option for years. But updates to meet new standards saw changes in materials and style that some riders weren’t happy with. Now Icon reintroduces the Pursuit Classic, bringing back the glove’s iconic look and supple goatskin leather construction.

This revival promises the fit and feel loyal fans love. But amidst advancing technology and safety requirements, can these retro gloves still deliver adequate protection for modern motorcycling? Or are they outdated relics trading too much safety for nostalgia?

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Are these the best motorcycle gloves for protection for you? Let’s find out!

In this review, we break down if the Pursuit Classic is more than just old-school cool.

Icon Pursuit Classic Gloves


Key Takeaways

  • Retro style with modern safety
  • Nostalgic design, latest tech

Unparalleled Protective Features

Safety is my top priority whenever I hop on my motorcycle. The Alpinestars SP8 v3 gloves deliver exceptional armor technology to give me confidence during rides. They incorporate dual-density foam knuckle protection that absorbs shock beautifully.

This rigid guard conforms nicely to the back of the hand without limiting flexibility. I also appreciate the thermoplastic scaphoid slider that reinforces this vulnerable wrist area.

Snug Fit for Responsiveness

These armored gloves feature Alpinestars’ patented third-generation ergonomic wrist closure system. This innovative design eliminated any loose material around the cuff while enabling a snug fit.

The Velcro strap also makes it easy to fine-tune the tightness on demand. I love that my hands feel directly connected to the bike’s controls. The glove moves fluidly without resistance with every subtle shift or squeeze.

Unrivaled Feel With Premium Construction

Alpinestars utilizes premium-grade leather complemented by tactical fabric inserts strategically placed along the fingers, knuckles, and outer hand. The supple goatskin leather offers remarkable abrasion resistance while retaining high levels of sensitivity.

My hands can perceive every contour and vibration from the handlebars and levers. I also appreciate how the perforated fourchettes promote ample airflow circulation between the fingers to reduce sweating on hot rides.

Convenient Touchscreen Functionality

As with most modern gloves, the SP8 v3 fingertips are conductive to allow the use of touchscreen phones and GPS systems without removing your handwear. This handy feature enables me to change playlists, get directions, or snap photos mid-ride with ease. No more stopping to access my devices!

  • Dual-density foam knuckle armor
  • Thermoplastic scaphoid slider
  • Supreme abrasion resistance
  • Unhindered responsiveness
  • Ventilated fourchettes

How Does the SP8 v3 Glove Compare?

Overall, the SP8 v3 offers an exceptional blend of safety, sensitivity, and versatility. But how does it stack up against competing motorcycle gloves on the market? Here’s a quick overview:

Alpinestars SP8 v3 vs Icon Pursuit Perforated

  • The Icon option lacks scaphoid armor protection
  • Alpinestars uses higher-quality leather
  • SP8 v3 runs about $25 USD more
FeaturesAlpinestars SP8 v3Icon Pursuit Perforated
Protective ArmourDual-density foam + scaphoid sliderSingle-density foam only
MaterialsPremium goatskin leather + textileGoatskin leather

The Alpinestars glove certainly wins out in terms of protective qualities. However, the Icon model is $25 cheaper and is still a very capable option.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes are available?

The SP8 v3 gloves range from Small up to 3XL in numeric sizes 6 to 12. Be sure to carefully measure your hand and refer to the size chart for the best match. These are designed to fit snugly.

Is the thumb and index finger touchscreen compatible?

Yes, conductive fingertip material on the thumb and index finger allows for the use of touchscreens without removing the gloves. This is an essential feature for controlling phones or GPS systems mid-ride.

How long do the Alpinestars SP8 v3 gloves last?

With proper care and maintenance, these premium motorcycle gloves deliver reliable protection for multiple seasons of riding. The durable leather withstands abrasion well, while the armor does not degrade substantially over time.

Do these gloves run small or large?

The sizing runs fairly true-to-size as long as you carefully measure your hand against the size chart. I’d say the fit errs on the slightly snug side for optimal responsiveness. If in doubt, it may be wise to size up a half-size.

And Finally…

For riders seeking a sturdy all-around street glove with excellent protective qualities, the Alpinestars SP8 v3 remains a leading choice.

They may cost more than basic leather options, but the combination of state-of-the-art armor, premium construction, and bonus features make them a worthwhile investment, in my opinion. Just don’t expect race-level performance.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I’m happy to provide additional insight from my first-hand experience wearing these fantastic armored gloves.

So, what do you think – are the Alpinestars SP8 v3 gloves now on your wish list? Share your thoughts below! I read and reply to every comment. Ride safely out there.

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