Alpinestars SP-1 v2 Gloves Review: 4 Season Versatility or Not?

I recently tested out the new Alpinestars SP-1v2 gloves to see if these upgraded motorbike gloves stood up to our tests.

These high-performance gloves aim to provide hardcore riders like me with durable materials and cunning design features to handle everyday street riding as well as occasional track days.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Are these the best gloves for all seasons?. Let’s examine what sets them apart.

Alpinestars SP-1 v2 Gloves


Key Takeaways

  • Solid everyday performance
  • Smart protection placement
  • Premium leather construction

Alpinestars SP-1 v2 Gloves Final Verdict

The Alpinestars SP-1v2 gloves successfully build on the previous model with upgraded materials, smart design tweaks for flexibility, and proven protection.

The premium leathers and reinforced landings provide abrasion insurance, while the perceptibly safe feel inspires you to carve every corner.

Ventilation performs decently across varying weather, except perhaps in humid mid-summer heat. I appreciate small touches like the index fingertip touchscreen compatibility that demonstrates Alpinestars sweats the details.

Factor in the reasonable $150 price point, and these versatile protective hand gear for cyclists make an excellent year-round choice for the everyday rider.

During testing, I felt reassured riding in light drizzle and confident gripping across distances. But I suggest layering for cold or wet conditions and swapping to Alpinestars’ race-ready GP variant for track days. Provided you play within reasonable limits, they offer ample mixing of protection and performance.

Overall, the SP-1v2 Bike Riding Gloves deliver a balanced, premium option, pumping up safety and comfort several notches over standard production gloves.

I award them 4 out of 5 stars. Riders seeking supple leather