Alpinestars SP-1 v2 Gloves Review: 4 Season Versatility or Not?

I recently tested out the new Alpinestars SP-1v2 gloves to see if these upgraded motorbike gloves stood up to our tests.

These high-performance gloves aim to provide hardcore riders like me with durable materials and cunning design features to handle everyday street riding as well as occasional track days.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Are these the best gloves for all seasons?. Let’s examine what sets them apart.

Alpinestars SP-1 v2 Gloves


Key Takeaways

  • Solid everyday performance
  • Smart protection placement
  • Premium leather construction

Alpinestars SP-1 v2 Gloves Final Verdict

The Alpinestars SP-1v2 gloves successfully build on the previous model with upgraded materials, smart design tweaks for flexibility, and proven protection.

The premium leathers and reinforced landings provide abrasion insurance, while the perceptibly safe feel inspires you to carve every corner.

Ventilation performs decently across varying weather, except perhaps in humid mid-summer heat. I appreciate small touches like the index fingertip touchscreen compatibility that demonstrates Alpinestars sweats the details.

Factor in the reasonable $150 price point, and these versatile protective hand gear for cyclists make an excellent year-round choice for the everyday rider.

During testing, I felt reassured riding in light drizzle and confident gripping across distances. But I suggest layering for cold or wet conditions and swapping to Alpinestars’ race-ready GP variant for track days. Provided you play within reasonable limits, they offer ample mixing of protection and performance.

Overall, the SP-1v2 Bike Riding Gloves deliver a balanced, premium option, pumping up safety and comfort several notches over standard production gloves.

I award them 4 out of 5 stars. Riders seeking supple leather gloves with ample defense against abrasion should shortlist these Alpinestars.

Constructed Using Premium Materials

Right off the bat, Alpinestars ditches the synthetic elements of the previous SP-1 model to create a Biker Glove built entirely from goat suede and goat leather.

The main outer construction utilizes soft yet abrasion-resistant goat suede. They reinforce high-wear areas like the palm with durable goatskin leather for extra tear resistance in a crash. The glove also incorporates stretch microfiber and spandex panels at key flex points to optimize movement.

Providing Protection Where It Counts

These Rider’s Gloves incorporate several safety features tailored for aggressive riding, including:

  • A thermoformed and padded TPU knuckle protector with EVA and Lycra inserts to absorb and dissipate impact.
  • Finger fourchettes made using Alpinestars’ aramidic material tech to protect against seam failure.
  • Padded foam reinforcements on the outer wrist, thumb, and outer hand landing zones.
  • High abrasion resistance in slide zones complemented by stretch fabrics for comfort.

The blend of supple leathers and strategic reinforcements inspires confidence to push my limits on twisty back roads, knowing my hands have ample defense against the tarmac.

Optimized For Summary Ventilation and Flexibility

Considering these Moto Gloves employ leather construction, I wondered if they would feel oppressively hot in the summer.

Thankfully, the perforated finger sidewalls, perforated cuff, and ventilated knuckle promote decent airflow. The stretch fabric behind the knuckle also allows it to expand when clenching the bars to prevent constriction.

They might prove a little warm riding in 90°F+ weather with sweaty hands. However, for 60-80°F temp ranges, they breathe well enough, especially at highway speeds.

Alpinestars managed to balance flexibility against safety in the articulated fingertips and panels at key stress points.

The pre-curved shape allows a relaxed grip without resistance, while the Lycra inserts ensure a customizable fit.

The gloves feel reassuringly sturdy when bracing against wind force yet give me enough dexterity to operate controls comfortably.

Key Features Rundown

  • The main chassis is constructed from abrasion-resistant goat suede and leather
  • Thermoplastic knuckle protector with impact foam dissipation
  • Finger fourchettes use Alpinestars aramidic material reinforcements
  • Wrist closure secured by TPR and hook/loop cuff strap
  • Palm-reinforced with durable digital goatskin leather
  • Touchscreen-compatible fingertip on index finger
  • Strategic stretch panel inserts for flexibility
  • Perforated cuffs, fingers, and knuckles for ventilation
  • Foam padding on outer hand and wrist landing zones
  • Pre-curved finger shaping for comfort

Do These Motorcyclist Gloves Perform As Advertised?

After tallying up the specs, I took them out on rides ranging from 15-minute grocery runs to all-day road trips to evaluate real-world performance. Here are some key takeaways:


  • Materials inspire confidence in abrasion and tear resistance
  • Lightweight with decent mobility for casual riding
  • Palm grip feels secure whether dry or slightly damp
  • Protectors in crucial zones to dissipate impact
  • General airflow adequate for temperate spring/fall weather
  • Touchscreen index fingertip eliminates glove removal


  • Thick leather layers lead to some hand fatigue on long hauls
  • Lack of weatherproofing for cold or very wet riding
  • Ventilation might be inadequate on hot 90°F+ days
  • Slightly tricky to put on until the leather softens up
  • No reflective details for nighttime visibility

FAQs: Alpinestars SP-1v2 Gloves

What temperature ranges can you comfortably wear these Alpinestars gloves in?

I found the SP-1v2 gloves perform best in 60-80°F spring and fall conditions. The ventilation feels adequate across town rides or short highway stints but might prove slightly warm on 90°F+ summer days with sweaty palms.

In cold or consistently wet weather, the leather construction lacks heavyweight insulation or a waterproof membrane. So I recommend wearing these Bike Riding Gloves in temperate conditions and layering or swapping gloves in extreme heat or cold.

How does the sizing run on these SP-1v2 motorbike gloves?

The SP-1v2 gloves run true to size based on Alpinestars’ European sizing standard. I typically take a size large in American glove brands like Icon or Joe Rocket but size down to a medium in Alpinestarsgloves for the ideal fit.

If you fall between sizes, I recommend sizing down for a precise fit, especially since the leather will stretch slightly after a break-in. Keep in mind that the gauntlet cuff may initially feel snug but should loosen up as the leather softens.

Can you safely wear these motorbike riding gloves for occasional track days?

While the SP-1v2 glove construction seems durable enough for an occasional track day, I don’t recommend wearing them as dedicated race gloves. The knuckle protection, leather, and reinforcements provide a decent safety buffer for the street or casual track sessions.

However, the flexible materials trade off some tear resistance compared to Alpinestars’ racing-focused GP series with full gauntlet coverage and exterior sliders. Check out the GP Plus or GP Pro models if you plan to ride track days consistently and want maximum protection.

And Finally…Who Are the SP-1v2 Gloves For?

The Alpinestars SP-1v2 targets street riders seeking supple everyday leather gloves with premium construction and strategically placed protectors.

The blend of durable materials resists abrasion, while panels placed in high-impact zones absorb crash energy.

Venting performs decently across varying temperatures, making them suitable for spring through fall riding. While fine for the occasional track day, I suggest Alpinestars’ GP range if you plan to ride aggressively at race speeds on a circuit regularly.

Overall, the SP-1v2 gloves warrant consideration if you desire understated leather gloves with ample real-world protection for the street. Just don’t expect weatherproofing for harsh elements or heavy insulation for cold rides. Within reasonable limits, they deliver satisfying performance and handling.

What’s your experience with motorcycle gloves protecting your hands? Share your thoughts below!

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