Alpinestars Copper Short Riding Gloves Review

Riding gloves are an essential piece of motorcycle gear, providing protection for your hands in the event of a crash while also enhancing comfort and control.

With so many options on the market, it can be tough to decide which gloves are right for your needs and budget. That’s where the Alpinestars Copper Short gloves come in.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Are these the best-armored motorcycle gloves for you? Let’s find out!

Alpinestars Copper Short Riding Gloves


Key Takeaways

  • Excellent flexibility and feel
  • Basic impact protection for the hands
  • An urban style perfect for commuting

The Verdict:

The Copper Short glove stands out with a surprising balance of protection, exceptional comfort, useful features, and value.

While not a high-performance track glove, the Copper Short overdelivers across all factors, given its very reasonable price.

Riders seeking hardcore protection should look to full leather gloves. But for light-duty street usage with occasional debris impacts, the Alpinestars Copper Short offers impressive performance. Given the sub-price point, they deliver exceptional value for most street riders.

So if you ride for comfort first yet want useful protective features, breathable construction, and care more about value than branding, the Copper Short glove is an easy recommendation. Few gloves can match this blend of comfort, protection, and affordability.

While the Copper Shorts don’t offer as much protection as a hardcore track glove, they provide surprisingly decent defense against abrasions and impacts thanks to features like Clarino palm and foam padding.

These gloves are ideal for new riders, commuters, and anyone seeking maximum comfort without breaking the bank. Just don’t expect hardcore protection from a lightweight glove like this.

Alpinestars Copper Short Glove Features

Construction & Materials

The Copper Short glove earns its name from the unique copper-colored Clarino leather palm. This synthetic leather material offers abrasion resistance while the coating provides grip. Spandex fabric between the fingers enhances flexibility.

The back of the glove features a lightweight mesh chassis for maximum airflow. This mesh design makes the Copper Short one of the most breathable glove options around.


For such a lightweight glove, the Copper Shorts include a decent array of protective features:

  • Foam padding on the palm
  • Rubber knuckle guard
  • Touchscreen-compatible index fingertip

While these gloves (1) won’t perform like a race-ready option, the strategically placed foam and rubber guards offer useful defense for average street riding.

Comfort & Feel

Comfort is where the Copper Short glove truly shines. The lightweight chassis provides a barely-there feel many riders will appreciate. Features like:

Silicone Fingertips enhance grip
Pre-curved Palm and Fingers reduce hand fatigue
Stretch Panels allow flexibility

All come together to make the Copper Short an extraordinarily comfortable glove, perfect for longer rides.

Fit & Sizing

The Copper Short glove runs true to size but has tons of stretch for added comfort. I wear a size Large in most gloves, and the Copper Short Large fits perfectly.

Just match your usual glove size for a great fit. The flexible spandex gives enough stretch to accommodate most hand shapes.


While not exactly a track glove, the Copper Shorts include useful protective features like foam padding and rubber knuckles. The Clarino leather palm stands up to abrasions well, and the glove feels like it could handle a minor spill without issue.

The Copper Short strikes an impressive balance between protection and comfort. I wouldn’t hesitate to wear these gloves on casual rides through the canyons or cruising around town.

Comfort & Breathability

Simply put, the Copper Short glove is one of the most comfortable, lightweight options I’ve worn. The flexible chassis, pre-curved design, and stretch fabric come together to create an instantly comfortable glove.

With the mesh back panel allowing tons of airflow, the Copper Short may be the most breathable glove on the market. On hot summer rides, my hands stayed cool even when the temperatures soared over 100 degrees.

The Copper Short almost feels like you’re not even wearing a glove, yet it provides useful protection and features. An impressive combination of comfort, protection, and affordability.


The Copper Short hits a pleasing price point while offering features found on more expensive gloves. Value is absolutely one of the strengths that makes this glove stand out.

Riders receive useful protection and exceptional comfort – two things most riders demand from their gloves. Yet Alpinestars manages to keep costs low.

Given the features and performance of the Copper Short glove, it punches far above its price tag in value. An easy glove to recommend for riders seeking lightweight protection on a budget.

Who Should Buy The Alpinestars Copper Short Gloves?

The Copper Short glove delivers surprising value by blending useful protective features into an exceptionally comfortable and affordable package.

Riders that will benefit most from these excellent lightweight gloves include:

New & entry-level riders

With excellent comfort and protection, budget-friendly pricing, and subtle branding, the Copper Short glove makes a perfect first set of gloves for new riders.

Urban & commuter riders

The comfortable, lightweight chassis and unique style blend performance with urban aesthetics – ideal for bike messengers and daily commuters.

Casual enthusiasts

For riders hitting scenic country roads on the weekends but not pushing extreme speeds, the Copper Short offers the comfort demanded from hours in the saddle. The protection can easily handle occasional debris strikes.

Your Turn:

Have you tried the Alpinestars Copper Short gloves? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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