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Alpinestars, a renowned brand in the world of motorcycle gear, has established itself as a leader in producing high-performance and protective apparel for riders across the globe. With a rich history of outfitting numerous world champions, Alpinestars is synonymous with innovation, quality, and cutting-edge technology in the realm of motorcycle gear.

The cornerstone of Alpinestars’ offerings lies in its extensive range of protective suits. The GP Plus V4 Leather Suit stands out as a prime example of their commitment to rider safety and comfort. This suit, equipped with Tech-Air® 5 Ready technology, represents a pinnacle of innovation with unrivaled upper body protection. Designed for the Adventure Touring Market, this suit embodies the brand’s ethos of ultimate protection and comfort, allowing riders to push boundaries while staying safe.

In addition to suits, Alpinestars excels in producing top-of-the-line boots like the Supertech R Boot and Tech 10 Supervented Boot. These boots are meticulously crafted to offer superior performance in motocross, incorporating advanced features that make them the go-to choice for champions past and present. The Tech 10 Supervented Boot, in particular, showcases Alpinestars’ dedication to pushing the boundaries of technical excellence in motocross footwear.

Alpinestars’ commitment to safety extends beyond suits and boots to include a comprehensive range of gear such as gloves, chest protectors, and jackets. The Tech-1 Start v2 Glove exemplifies their attention to detail with inside seams for exceptional comfort and fit. Moreover, their A-1 Chest Protector and GP Pro Comp V2 Boot Cut highlight the brand’s focus on utilizing cutting-edge materials for optimal protection without compromising on style or performance.

For riders seeking versatile options, Alpinestars offers multi-season jackets like the Halo Drystar® Jacket and Bogotá Pro Drystar® Jacket. These jackets are engineered to provide optimal protection while adapting to varying weather conditions, ensuring riders stay comfortable and safe on their adventures.

Beyond protective gear, Alpinestars caters to urban riders with stylish yet functional options like the J-6 Waterproof Shoe and Turnstone Shoe. These products seamlessly blend fashion with safety, offering riders a casual yet protective footwear choice that doesn’t compromise on either aspect.

In conclusion, Alpinestars’ motorcycle gear epitomizes a perfect fusion of innovation, performance, and style. Whether it’s on the racetrack or urban streets, Alpinestars remains a trusted companion for riders worldwide, setting the benchmark for excellence in motorcycle apparel and gear.

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Alpinestars (Wikipedia)

Alpinestars is an Italian motorsports and action sports safety equipment manufacturer based in Asolo, Italy. Its lines include specialized products for MotoGP, motocross, motorcycling, Formula One, World Rally Championship, WEC, V8 Supercars, NASCAR, mountain biking, and surfing, and motorsports-themed, non-sports clothing, with fashion design centers in Italy and California offering products for men, women and kids.

Company typePrivate
IndustryMotorsport clothing
Action sports clothing
Casual clothing MXD
Founded1963 (60 years ago)
FounderSante Mazzarolo
Number of locations
3 (2010)
Key people
Gabriele Mazzarolo
DivisionsAstars authentic ind
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