Shot 118 Perfecto Jacket Review: Handmade Leather Justify the Steep Price?

I understand the exhilarating freedom that comes from riding a motorcycle, but I also know the importance of wearing proper protective gear.

In this Schott 118 Perfecto Jacket review, I’ll cover everything potential buyers need to know about this iconic jacket.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Is this the best women’s motorcycle jacket for you? Read on to find out.

Shot 118 Perfecto Leather Jacket


Key Takeaways

  • No included armor
  • Quilted warmth liner
  • Iconic asymmetrical style
  • Premium naked cowhide construction

Schott 118 Perfecto Jacket – The Bottom Line

The Shot Perfecto clearly deserves its status as perhaps the most iconic leather motorcycle jacket in history. The premium materials and quality construction ensure it will last a lifetime if properly cared for.

While the lack of armor raises safety concerns, wearing a back protector can offset that issue. Just don’t expect race track levels of protection.

Ultimately, no other leather riding jacket (1) matches the legendary style and heritage of the Shot 1:18 Perfecto. So, despite the cost, it represents an investment in a piece of riding history.

Comparison with randomly selected motorcycle gloves

Revit Xena 3 Women’s Jacket ReviewArmored touring jacket with Hydratex membrane waterproof liner
First MFG Wildside Women’s Jacket ReviewVintage-inspired leather with armor pockets
Roland Sands Cambria CE Women’s Jacket ReviewPremium Italian cowhide armored jacket

The Shot Perfecto stands out with its iconic asymmetrical biker style and premium naked cowhide leather construction. As the original motorcycle jacket was created in 1928, it oozes heritage appeal.

Comparatively, the Revit Xena 3 offers more modern protection technologies like the waterproof Hydratex liner and extensive CE-rated armor. But it lacks the iconic vintage flair of the Perfecto.

The First MFG Wildside prioritizes capturing the old-school biker edge with its belted waist adjusters and retro color accents. Yet its lighter buffalo leather doesn’t match the Perfecto’s heavy-duty build quality.

Finally, the Roland Sands Cambria brings premium Italian cowhide and intricate embellished details. However, no women’s jacket can compete with the legendary Perfecto history.

So, for riders focused on heritage more than features, the Shot Perfecto remains the quintessential vintage American motorcycle jacket.

A Brief Background

First, let’s quickly go over what makes the Shot Perfecto stand out:

  • Developed in 1928, it’s the original motorcycle jacket
  • Featured in classic films like The Wild One with Marlon Brando
  • Handmade in the USA from premium naked cowhide leather
  • Signature asymmetrical zipper and snap-down lapels
  • No protective armor included

Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty details of this legendary coat.

Construction and Materials

The Shot Perfecto uses naked cowhide, the highest-grade leather available. It’s thick, averaging 1.3-1.5mm in thickness.

The naked hide retains all the natural fibers and grains. This gives it a soft, supple feel right off the rack without needing to break in over time.

The leather is wax-treated for water resistance and has a handsome matte finish. While not fully waterproof, it stands up well in wet weather.

As you’d expect from a premium product, all the hardware matches the quality construction. The zippers, snaps, buckles, and even zipper pulls are made to last a lifetime.

There is no additional armor built into the jacket, though. So, while the construction is protective, I’d recommend wearing a back protector for extra impact absorption.

Fit and Comfort

In terms of sizing, the Perfecto runs slightly loose to accommodate layering bulky clothes underneath. For reference, I’m 6’2″, weigh 215 pounds, and normally wear a size 46 jacket. The size 44 Perfecto leather jacket fits me well over just a T-shirt.

If you prefer a slimmer cut, consider sizing down. But keep in mind this is designed as a winter riding coat, not a lightweight summer jacket.

A quilted lining inside the jacket provides warmth. But given the heavyweight leather, overheating can be an issue in hot weather. This limits the Perfecto to cold riding conditions only.

Schott Men’s Jacket Sizing


Style and Customization

No motorcycle jacket captures a rugged, rebellious style quite like the Shot Perfecto. Its bold, asymmetric design makes this an instantly recognizable statement piece. There’s a reason it’s so deeply ingrained in pop culture.

The collar snaps down neatly so it doesn’t flap annoyingly at speed. You can also zip it fully upright around the neck for extra protection from the cold.

While brand-new Perfectos only come in black, customized versions make this an ideal jacket to personalize. Options range from adding ornate stitching to colorful leather dye jobs. You can even have a custom design painted on the back.

If you really want to maximize warmth, Shot offers an optional fur collar accessory you can snap into place. But in my opinion, that defeats the slick biker look rather.


How does the Perfecto jacket compare to modern racing leather jackets?

Modern track-focused jackets prioritize protection with extensive armor, ventilation, and abrasion reinforcement. The Perfecto instead focuses on timeless style and comfort for street cruising.

What’s the warmest temperature this can reasonably be worn in?

The heavyweight leather and insulating liner make the Perfecto best suited to temps around 50°F or lower. In warmer weather, overheating can become an issue.

Does Shot sell replacement parts for the jacket?

Yes. As a lifetime piece, you can purchase replacement snaps, zippers, buckles, and other hardware from Shot to keep it looking pristine.

How easy is the Perfecto jacket to clean and maintain?

Use a leather cleaner and conditioner to nourish the naked cowhide. For cleaning, gently wipe spills and marks off with a damp cloth. Avoid using heat or harsh chemicals that could dry out or discolor the leather.

What’s the best way to waterproof the Perfecto jacket?

The wax treatment offers decent water resistance. But for complete waterproofing, apply a spray-on sealant like Nikwax regularly, allowing it to fully soak into the leather’s pores.

And Finally…

In my search for the ultimate motorcycle jacket, the Shot Perfecto stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Its unmatched heritage and rebellious style truly resonate with the spirit of riding free on the open road. Sure, it might not be suited for hardcore track days. But casual riding calls for casual cool—and this jacket delivers in spades.

Let me know in the comments if you enjoyed this review! I’m always seeking feedback to improve my writing. If you have any questions about the Shot Perfecto jacket, drop them below. Ride safe out there, everyone.

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