REV’IT! Stratos 3 GTX Glove Review: Your Winter Warrior?

I know the struggle of keeping my hands warm while gripping freezing handlebars. I recently tested out Revit’s updated Stratos 3 winter motorcycle gloves to see if they provide enough insulation for frigid winter riding. With new technology and a price drop from the previous version, do they stand up to the hype?

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Are these the best motorcycle gloves for winter for you? I break down the construction and key features to find out.

REV’IT! Stratos 3 GTX Glove


Key Takeaways

  • Touchscreen compatible
  • Gore-Tex water resistance
  • Improved insulation warmth

REV’IT! Stratos 3 GTX Glove – Our Verdict

Here in Minnesota, my morning ride to work drops to 25 degrees when Old Man Winter blows into town. The upgraded insulation and Gore-Tex absolutely make a difference compared to regular gloves.

My hands stayed considerably warmer overall, wearing the Stratos 3 in freezing conditions compared to previous versions.

However, some chill still seeped through after 30 minutes or so. For riders who need true winter warmth, heated winter motorcycle gloves (1) remain the best option once the mercury dips below freezing. For fall and milder winter days, though, the Stratos excels.

Comparison to Other Winter Motorcycle Gloves

Revit Stratus 3 GTX GlovesWaterproof and insulated winter glove with 300g Thinsulate insulation in the back of hand
Joe Rocket Burner GlovesHeated winter glove powered by a 7.4V battery with multiple heat settings
Merlin Minworth Heated GlovesWaterproof and insulated winter glove with 300g Thinsulate insulation in the back of the hand

The Revit Stratus 3 GTX glove provides windproof and water-resistant Gore-Tex protection combined with ample Thinsulate insulation for cold weather riding.

It offers functionality similar to the Joe Rocket Burner heated glove but without battery-powered warming, relying instead on insulation for warmth.

The Merlin Minworth heated glove provides more premium aesthetics and materials but comes at a higher price point.

The Stratus balances affordability with winter protection, although riders in extreme cold may require heating for sufficient warmth.


Revit redesigned their popular Stratos winter gloves for 2023, upgrading the insulation and technology while dropping the price by $20 per pair.

As someone who starts layering up the moment, temperatures dip below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. I was eager to see if the Stratos 3 could fend off frigid winds during my morning commute.

Do these budget-friendly motorcycle gloves provide sufficient dexterity, grip, and warmth for riders who dislike wearing bulky heated options? Let’s dive in and find out!

Revit Stratos 3 Winter Motorcycle Gloves Overview

The Stratos 3 gloves feature a Gore-Tex waterproof, windproof liner and hearty 300g Thinsulate insulation in the back of the hand, with 80g insulation in the palm.

Revit aimed to balance thermal protection with improved tactile feedback. The liner was also upgraded to a plush faux fur material for additional warmth.

Other key components include PWR shell stretch panels between the fingers for flexibility, a pre-curved design, and touchscreen compatibility on the thumb and first two fingers. The gloves retain staple features like Knox knuckle armor and a no-fuss wrist closure.

Key Features and Technology

  • Gore-Tex Insert: Waterproof and windproof liner retains heat. It is not as breathable as regular shells, leading to some moisture buildup inside the glove.
  • Thinsulate Insulation: 300g in the back of the hand and 80g in the palm provide ample warmth while enabling flexibility.
  • Touchscreen Fingertips: Conductive material on the thumb, index, and middle fingertips enables the use of phones and GPS without removing gloves. Works with light pressure but is not as seamless as thinner gloves.
  • Pre-Curved Design: Reduces break-in time and fatigue from gripping handlebars. Fingers are slightly curved for a natural feel.
  • PWR Shell Stretch Panels: Strategically placed stretch fabric between the fingers enhances flexibility and range of motion.
  • Silicone Fingertip Prints: Facilitates solid grip and feel of brake/clutch levers.
  • Low-Profile Wrist Closure: Hook-and-loop closure is easy to secure with one hand and lies flat. Much sleeker than the previous dual-closure design.

Fit and Sizing

The Stratos 3 runs slightly large to accommodate layering layers and insulation. I’m between a large and extra large based on Rev’It’s size chart, but the XL offered the best balance of comfort and dexterity.

The pre-curved fingers reduce break-in time; I felt like I’d been wearing this glove for years on my first ride. Despite the bulk from insulation, the PWR Shell stretch panels ensure good flexibility.

If your palm measurement falls between sizes, I recommend sizing up for the best cold-weather performance. The roomier fit enables layering a thin liner glove and also allows the insulation to fully loft for better warmth.

The Bottom Line

The Rev’It Stratos 3 builds on the previous iteration with better insulation, technology, and an improved price point.

For riders who spend weeks to months riding in temperatures below freezing, heated