Biltwell Borrego Gloves Review: Old School Cool or Fool’s Gold?

These Biltwell Borrego Gloves, designed by the renowned Biltwell brand, offer a unique blend of vintage-inspired aesthetics and modern performance features.

In this Biltwell Borrego Gloves review, we will find out whether they have finally balanced form and function and why you should consider them for your next ride.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Are these the best motorcycle gloves with armor for you? Let’s find out!

Biltwell Borrego Gloves


Key Takeaways

  • Retro style, fully protected
  • Vintage soul, modern standards
  • Supple durability; no compromises

The Final Verdict

After testing these iconic gloves myself, I must admit the vintage styling and colors initially lured me in. But underneath the supple distressed leather lies impressive protective padding for the price point.

The knuckle armor feels rigid during knocks yet flexible when worn normally. Matching the perforated palm sliders, they shrug off scrapes without limiting motion or causing discomfort.

I typically avoid fingerless gloves lacking durability and coverage. However, the perforations aid ventilation while still protecting past the second knuckles.

They breathe excellently in warm environments. Issues emerge when riding under 60 degrees when water or cold permeates the perforations.

Lacking insulation, my hands numbed quickly, requiring lycra half liner or heated grips. For three-season duty, they perform remarkably, but the cold winter exposes vulnerabilities.

Before you buy elsewhere, make sure to check for the latest pricesOpens in a new tab. and any special offers on these gloves to snag the best deal. Their prices fluctuate, so you may luck out and score an awesome bargain.

Comparison To Other Similar Armored Gloves

Alpinestars Copper Short
Full leather construction, short cuff design, accordion stretch inserts, ergonomic thumb
Icon 29erDurable textile chassis, touchscreen compatible, D3O knuckle insert, hook and loop closure
Alpinestars SP8 v3Full hide construction, injected TPU knuckles, air vents, stretch panels, wrist closure
Dainese Carbon 4Carbon fiber knuckle protection, goatskin leather covering, touchscreen compatible, elastic inserts
Gyde by Gerbing 12V VanguardHeated with Microwire technology, touchscreen compatible, waterproof membrane, lithium battery powered

The Alpinestars focus on maximum shielding and durability with rigid knuckle guards and hide exterior, while the Revit Hydras prioritize weatherproofing for wet environments.

The Icon Pursuits share the vintage styling but with perforated kangaroo leather for enhanced airflow. Meanwhile, the Scorpion Skrubs blend abrasion panels with tactile zones for versatility.

Ultimately, the Biltwell Borregos achieve an optimal balance between classic rebel looks and certified impact defenses.

An Overview of Signature Biltwell Style

As expected from the makers of the beloved Gringo helmet, they exhibit impeccable styling. The distressed skin exudes crafted vintage charm, enhanced by colorful accents and classic logos.

Between the iconic looks and reasonable price tag compared to competing premium CE-certified options, these fingerless mitts present quite a value proposition.

  • CE Level 1 certified impact shielding
  • Vintage-inspired design

Before assessing their durability merits and comfort, though, let’s delve deeper into the nostalgic retro details that form the core of Biltwell’s identity.

Bringing Modern to Old-School Cool

An image showing the ventilation features of the Biltwell Borrego gloves

These mitts harken back to the post-war biker era through artful design choices, bringing modern to old-school cool.

From the distressed hide to contrast cross-stitching and parachute-inspired venting, the styling screams Bonneville salt flats speed trials rather than modern performance machines.

Yet with integrated knuckle armor, reinforced palms, and moisture-wicking fleece, they don’t merely imitate the past but rather reinvent it.

By blending iconic aesthetics with contemporary protective requirements, Biltwell caters perfectly to riders seeking that classic look without compromising on safety.

The thick, supple feel of the asking and flexible spandex gussets retain broken-in ease of movement reminiscent of my favorite old gear while incorporating scaphoid, metacarpal, and phalange impact security unheard of decades ago.

Ultimately, they occupy a realm spanning eras. Uniquely walking the line between vintage and modern produces gear exuding adventurous wanderlust freedom.

As the city escapes, transitioning into the open desert, straightaways beckon, the distressed hide and perforated breeze embrace the endless two-lane blacktop ahead. These gloves define a throwback rebel soul.

Striking the Balance Between Performance and Protection

An image showing the protection features of the Biltwell Borrego Gloves

But do the styling compromises undermine real-world effectiveness when it comes to striking a balance between performance and shielding your hand and knuckles? CE certification requires rigorous standards and impact resistance, so on paper, they are adequate.

Let’s break down how the materials and components either maximize maneuverability or provide abrasion resistance and defense against trauma.


  • Perforated hand and fingers
  • Pre-curved finger form
  • Elasticized wrist with hook/loop closure
  • Multiple vintage colorways

Protective Features

  • Premium full-grain hide
  • Internal plastic knuckle armor
  • Padded suede covering
  • High tear resistance
  • Moisture-wicking fleece liner

Giving Riders Peace of Mind Against the Asphalt

Motorcycle gear manufacturers must balance flexibility and venting when skating down the asphalt. Thankfully, Biltwell nails the optimal combination with them.

The pre-contoured finger construction and textured grip surfaces offer an exceptional feel, while the durable hide and Kevlar-reinforced stitching withstand torturous sliding.

Understated black hide exudes refined minimalism, or brightly colored variants express rebellious nonconformity.

Regardless, the intricately crafted panels provide abrasion shielding without limiting the range of motion. In the event of a crash, high-density EVA